Festival Triangle


It seems Hazuki is interested in Shuichi and with the Agata festival coming up soon she wants to go with him. All the talk now in the club is about who’s going with who to the festival. Although later Shuichi asks Kumiko to the festival but she dodges the question.

Kumiko takes a pen to paper and draws out this complicated love triangle situation. She then tries to avoid Shuichi as Hazuki plucks up the courage to ask him out and eventually gets a yes.

Meanwhile, due to making excuses of not going with Shuichi, Kumiko ‘accidently’ drags Kousaka to go to the festival with instead.

Hazuki and Sapphire enjoy the festival whilst Kumiko and Kousaka for some reason climbs a mountain with their instruments engaging in some friendly chitchat.

Hazuki goes one step further and tells Shuichi about her feelings but is unfortunately rejected.

Kumiko and Kousaka reach the peak of the mountain and whilst staring down at a plethora of lights from the night view of the town, they play a duet into the night.

And so, the auditions begin.


Certainly a lot of affection on display this episode and a lot of unrequited affection too. I sorta now see why Kumiko could not see Kousaka’s emotions at the start of the series as she snubs Shuichi’s courage at asking her out without even realizing what she had done. Also without realising that she’s just dragged Kousaka into this as well. Just the fact that she, literally, had to draw it out for herself was enough to see that she was a little dense. Then again, from all that’s been said and done Shuichi does look like he’s got his foot firmly into the friend zone doorway.

And unfortunately as Shuichi’s heart is elsewhere, the date with Hazuki was never going to have a happy ending. Even though you knew it was coming it was still quite emotional as Hazuki let her feelings out onto Sapphire. At least one relationship in Riko and Goto succeeded, though they were together anyway, but still counts to bring some romantic ‘cheer’.

This may also be the first time that Kumiko and Kousaka got a proper chat with one another, and a little flirting is always nice to throw in, I did say I felt something going on between these two and it was some much needed together time.

It was interesting to see the layers of awkwardness between the two, or rather just Kumiko mainly, peel away and reveal a fairly relaxed and comfortable conversation with one of the few smiles we see from Kousaka. I found it quite a revealing emotional exchange between the two on their views and passions like how Kousaka wants to become ‘special’ with her music playing. And not to mention the night animation and city lighting during the entire scene was a beauty. The pain of lugging along their instruments rewarded us with a lovely musical duet to end the episode.

Well, I think I’m just gonna come out and say it, shoujo ai incoming? I think many of you think the same and would say yes. And if I’m honest that’d be pretty nice with all the development they’ve done right from the get go for Kousaka and Kumiko. It wouldn’t be a surprise to say the least and actually, I’m kinda hoping for it.

Though I will say that the Hazuki and Shuichi relationship came to an end a little too soon. Sure he likes Kumiko but I felt there was more to do there, unfortunately Hazuki’s abrupt confession ended everything. I guess she probably could tell that it wasn’t going to work and wanted to end it there and then.

Oh, and did I mention how cute Sapphire and mini Sapphire was? That was adorable.