Karma Time/2nd Period


Facing off against a strong opponent, Karma defends the frontal attacks well and is even well prepared for a sneaky gas attack to counter with his own gas and weakens the guy out enough to tie him up.

They advance up a floor but now they have a problem that the only way to open the door to the stairs is going through an open air terrace. The girls decide they’ll go but Karasuma doesn’t think it’s safe to send only girls, so they crossdress Nagisa and he goes as well. Although Nagisa is quickly hit on by a random guy and has no choice but to go off with him to not slow down the group.

They reach the door but it has a guard, however luckily the random guy accidentally comes up later with Nagisa and starts a fight with a passerby which Hinata knocks out and asks the guard to look after. Meanwhile the others sneak in to unlock the door and let everyone through.

They reach the next level which is right before the ‘boss’ level and the stairs are guarded by two guards. They lure the two away and ambush them with stun guns to knock them out. These guards also have guns which Koro instructs to give to Chiba and Hayami, the snipers. He doesn’t allow killing though.

As they advance to the top level, they meet the sub boss.


As much as I liked seeing Nagisa cross dress and get hit on, the whole sequence of events was a little cliché. As soon as they said we need a guy to come with us it was pretty obvious they’d throw in the ‘Nagisa looking like a girl’ gag and then have someone hit on her otherwise it’d be utterly boring, unless you enjoy the novelty of finally seeing Nagisa in cross dress. We all knew it was gonna happen eventually.

The predictability of it made it a little less enjoyable. It was also a little short without much else happening during the scene. Basically the female side of the class had a stroll, beat up some randomer, whilst Nagisa inadvertently cheered some other randomer up. It was all a little dull.

And actually it went as I had thought, except for the guy who hit on Nagisa learnt a lesson and didn’t end up as another punching bag. But I can’t say I’m that surprised.

Who did end up as a punching bag thought was Karma’s opponent. When it comes to underhanded tactics Karma knows best, not even a pro can out ‘underhand’ him. I enjoyed the fight, it brought out Karma’s strong points and it was nice to see him bounce back strongly from his ‘defeat’ at the exams.

And of course what’s a Karma without humiliating his opponent further with hilariously playful irritants. I found it all in good fun. It was only a shame that it didn’t last longer, but I don’t think it would’ve helped in that the guy was obviously stronger than Karma so a head to head drawn out battle wouldn’t be good. And if he had won through any brute force method, it wouldn’t have been as believable.

Also, another thing that I don’t like is how no one seems in a rush at all. As much as this show is about comedy action and not a suspense drama, surely with the grim reaper hanging above everyone’s heads you’d think there’d be at least some tension in the air.

This is probably the best opportunity for this show this season to actually have people on the edge of their seats, and then break that tension with some hilarious Koro gag which would be fine, but it’s lazily strolling through this side plot and it’s getting dull very fast.

I’m hoping that this next noodle gun licking opponent will liven things up. From what’s implied he would be a mini boss battle. With everyone set in place in that stage this could easily be a place for some overly comedic convoluted plan to take him down. Or so I hope anyway.

Still though, even with the few downfalls this episode, it was still enjoyable to watch and I don’t think it’s quite lost its touch just yet. Need a little spicing up though definitely.