Please Audition


With auditions on the horizon, everyone is getting down to some serious practice. But Sapphire is a little depressed due to blaming herself for Hazuki’s rejection. So after practice Hazuki cheers her up.

On the train home, Hazuki and Kumiko engage in some girl talk about Shuichi with Kumiko getting flustered in the process.

Apparently Taki’s a big deal according to Kumiko’s sister which makes Kumiko wonder if that’s why Kousaka came to this school.

On audition day many people including Kumiko get in early in the morning for some practice and Kumiko peeks in on Natsuki’s practice and realises that everyone wants to do well.

Audition commences and the euphoniums get called. Asuka’s ends quickly whilst Natsuki’s takes a while and then it’s Kumiko’s turn.

A few days later the results are announced, a notable miss was Natsuki even with all her practice and hard work. A not surprising miss was Hazuki. Kousaka made it and is also going to play the solo parts.


A somewhat playful episode, at least in the first half, cheering up a depressed Sapphire who blames herself for Hazuki’s rejection. Who is then ironically cheered up by Hazuki, the very person who was rejected and should be the one feeling depressed. With Kumiko in the background somewhere.

Also, I think this episode proved why it was actually a good idea for Asuka to take herself out of the running for leadership when she brushed away her section member’s problems without even attempting to help. Doesn’t seem like the type of person to want to take responsibility.

And then we got to auditions and some last minute practice scenes from Kumiko and a very determined Natsuki.

For a seemingly relaxed sub plot, they managed to squeeze in some relevant tension into the mix. With a realistic commentary from Kumiko of gauging how long someone’s been in an audition for. This brings me back to similar events like job interviews when someone’s in front of you and you’re constantly trying to listen in on how they’re doing and also measuring out roughly the time they’ve spent. A nerve wrecking experience I’m sure you’ll agree if you’ve been under similar circumstances. So I enjoyed how the anime portrayed the occasion.

Also, I felt they emphasised correctly the various details of the room, like how big the room is and how empty it is with just Kumiko sitting there alone. Again, very realistic approach of at least how I felt in my first few interviews. Even if it’s not a large room you start feeling small and then notice how big the room is around you with just you and the interviewer.

As always with this anime, I commend KyoAni for keeping the realism in tune. And also quite rightly pointed out from Kumiko, all the anxiety disappear and then appear two fold when results day come. Speaking of which, that’ll happen to me on my exam results day, I feel that it will be a no sleeping day.

But with the results in, nothing came as a surprise. Hazuki was unsuccessful, I’d have found it a miracle if she was considering how she only started playing a couple of weeks ago, or however long it’s been in the anime. Maybe the only surprising thing is Natsuki not making it seeing how determined she was. It was a little sad, but it can’t be helped I guess from her attitude previously.

Kousaka of course also gets through and is selected for the solo part. With the amount of effort that Kousaka’s put in, or that we’ve seen her put in, and plus the passion she has it doesn’t seem that surprisingly. Of course though we haven’t seen Kaori’s practice much, so maybe she’s putting a lot of practice too, but quite obviously the anime’s trying to make us side with Kousaka. Though from the look of all Kaori fans, this might create enemies.

Also, I wonder how and why Taki’s such a big deal. So far he’s shown that he can manage the band and is strict and quite blunt. But, I’ve not seen anything particularly special. I guess we’ll need to learn who he is exactly first before making opinions and see if he’s really as good as his status says he is, whatever that is.