Welcome Back, Audition


More practice gets underway as Taki chases up anyone who is still lagging behind in terms of quality.

Kumiko invites Kousaka for lunch and listens to her crisp trumpet playing on the way to where Kousaka is. Not even Yuko can deny that Kousaka’s fit for the solo role.

Kaori consults Asuka but she only leaves her with vague answers not committing to anything.

Yuko’s pleads with Kousaka to let Kaori win. She plays the ‘it’s her final chance’ card but of course Kousaka doesn’t give an inch. Before the auditions Yuko wishes Kaori good luck and runs off.

Kousaka asks Kumiko if she’d be sad if she lost, and Kumiko responds with a passionate yes. But of course, Kousaka’s full of confidence.

Kaori is first to play, she plays well and gets some claps from the audience. But when Kousaka plays it’s quite obvious who’s better. But only Yuko and a few others of Kaori’s fan club claps for Kaori and only Kumiko and her friends clap for Kousaka whilst everyone else remains undecided.

Taki however asks Kaori if she would play the solo, but she knows who’s better and she says declines.


As much as Kaori is a nice person, that doesn’t make her a good trumpet player, or rather a better one than Kousaka who, coming from a renowned trumpet player family, will likely be naturally talented. And yes that is unfair, but it is what it is, life is unfair like that. This difference in skill avoided and in the end Kaori realized when she was beaten. And this whole senior thing is also like the ‘being nice’, i.e. neither of which matter when we’re talking about trumpet playing skill.

There’s always someone better than you, and anyway, would you really be so selfish as to chase your own desires like that? As I said before, a graceful defeat is better than a shameful win, and plus it could be detrimental to the band’s competition standing.

As I thought last episode, it sorta did result in a popularity competition in the end as no one else in the audience was willing to take sides. Not surprising as in the one side it’s a really nice person and a good senior, and on the other wise is a truly talented trumpet player who has the best shot of winning the competition for you. I think that even when you’re most biased supporter thinks someone else is better, that’s when you know it’s over.

The Kousaka and Kumiko relationship got just a little closer this week. I had thought that after last week’s confession of love for Taki it would be quite clear that those two are a no go. But I don’t think we can avoid the fact that they’re looking a little too close for friends. Although, in all likeliness it probably won’t go anywhere.

As for the other members of the cast, well Asuka’s just playing the ‘not want to get involved, leave me out of it’ approach again showing why it was a good idea for her not to try for presidency of the club.

I’ve harped on about KyoAni’s delightful animation this series enough so I won’t be long here. Again, we were treated to a masterclass in how animation can really change a series and add another layer of depth to the characters.

The drama heats up nicely this episode as the lead up to the second chance auditions shows the varying characteristics of the many support characters, from a non-committed Asuka to an overly biased commitment from Yuko, and Kousaka and Kumiko’s relationship looks to get even closer.