Nagisa Time


Terasaka throws his stun gun at Nagisa to try and calm him down and with Koro also telling him that it isn’t worth killing him, knocking him out is enough. Nagisa takes his jacket off and attaches the stun gun on his belt. It turns out that Takaoka had a couple vials spare of the remedy that he lures Nagisa into a fight with.

But with an elite military background Takaoka easily beats Nagisa down to start with and brings out his knife. Nagisa however remembers Lovro’s technique which requires three conditions to be effective: two weapons, against an expert and your foe must know the fear of being killed.

The three conditions are met and Nagisa calmly advances towards Takaota. He drops his knife slowly to divert Takaoka’s attention and moves in swiftly for the stun gun to connect and knocks him out cold.

However the hired assassins never actually used the real virus thinking they could make the exchange without resorting to murder. So the current virus in everyone will disappear in a day or so. And the assassin then bid the children farewell saying that they’ll have to make it big before they’re worth coming after to kill.

And with that everyone returns back to their hotel happy that nothing will happen. Koro turns back to normal and their short summer vacation continues into the night.


With a sequel already planned and probably in production, this kinda makes it easier for this season to ‘end’ as it doesn’t have to. So I don’t particularly have anything to say on the series’ closure as it hasn’t happened. Other than I’m looking forward to another fun filled season of attempted octopus assassination. I had actually planned to read the manga after this but since I know there’s another season coming I don’t think I will spoil the story for myself and wait for that season.

After all this time, we finally see the Lovro technique. Aside from that the conditions seem a little too specific and that it was such a coincidental way that they all aligned for Nagisa, it was otherwise fairly believable. As in, you would reasonably expect the majority of people to be afraid of death and so they would keep an eye on the weapon that has a chance of killing them and being an expert they will likely have trained their focus so that they can dodge attacks. The only thing I find not so believable is that Takaoka would be so focused onto the knife even after it was dropped. But I guess the time was short for the drop and Nagisa as we all know is quite talented and probably has the agility to move in for the kill before the knife landed on the ground.

The only thing that was completely unbelievable and seemed like another ‘get out of jail free card’ was that they were never poisoned in the first place. It seemed playful almost, I mean sure it fits well with this series but it felt cheap, very much like Koro’s perfect defense form. Like the author ran out of good ideas to get out of danger, or couldn’t be bothered thinking of something more realistic. Or perhaps the series felt this was going to be the easiest way to bring things back to its non-tense comical atmosphere.

As much as I can’t really sum up an end, as it’s not an end, I would say that I think the anime did show off how far everyone in the class has come and developed. Of course the focus was very much on Nagisa who I always thought was the lead but was never that certain due to the anime, quite rightly, exploring a lot of the peripheral characters. But I think we also saw development in Terasaka who I feel has come furthest since the beginning of the series where. He was one of those delinquents that usually the main character would beat up and he has now developed to a calm minded and motivated team player for the class.

Well, I guess all I can say to wrap this up is that I’m looking forward to another fun season. It’s been really good so far so I hope that it continues. The show’s definitely done enough to keep me for another season and I hope it’s been the same for you.