I Think About Others


We’re introduced to a teenager, Yu Otosaka, who has the ability to take over the mind of someone else for five seconds. If he does his body becomes unconscious and he can only take over the mind of someone within his line of sight.

He uses it to cause infighting of those people he dislikes and also cheating on tests. So that he’s constantly top of his year. He scouts out who’s clever and take over them during the entrance exams for the answers to successfully get into a good school as the top scorer.

Due to Yu’s grades and mildly attractiveness he receives a lot of interest from girls, however he’s only after one, Yumi Shirayanagi. He plans out a ‘rescue’ by mind controlling a driver to drive into her and then for him to jump out and save her. With that successfully pulled off she invites him out for pancakes.

However he’s accused of cheating and has to resit an exam he scored 100% on in a room with just himself and one other. As he uses his ability to try and find some answers he’s spotted by Tomori, the student council of another school. She sees through him and with no choice, he runs. But he is quickly chased down by someone with a teleportation ability.

He is then told by Tomori, who has the ability to disappear visually from her one target, that he is to transfer to her school where other people with abilities are and join their student council, to stop those who abuse their powers like him.

He agrees and with that, the transfer is complete and Yu and his sister move to a new school and a new apartment. Yu is also unable to mention anything about his ability to anyone else and is also surveillance.


A slight different vibe from Key’s other works and I’m thinking recent ones like Little Busters and Angel Beats. But that’s okay, it gave me pretty much what I thought, a lot of hilarity and fun. Although, the sad backstories part does agree with Key’s specialities, the whole Yu and his sister were abandoned and they may have had another sibling that none can remember. I can see that playing into quite an emotional plot at some other point later in the series.

For a main character, the anime sure made him a seriously hateable bastard who would stoop so low as to risk killing the woman she likes and others around just to have the best chance of getting with her. And then freaks out when she has reasonable reasons for never seeing him again. Not to mention he also uses his abilities for, I would say, some ‘normal’ but also very bad things, i.e. cheating, perversion and starting fights.

Although I can forgive some as it’s a guy at that age, I can’t forgive almost killing several people and causing a lot of damage for a selfish reason. Yeah sure he has a ‘reason’ for doing all this due to his situation and circumstances, but that never makes it acceptable.

The second half of the episode made things a little more fun and the plot gets moving. We’re introduced to an eccentric student council from another school whose camera seems to be stuck to her eye, and a vice president whose ‘teleport’ ability is basically propelling himself in one direction at mach speeds without brakes. And with the invitation to start anew at another school, I think this is the turning point in Yu’s life. With a group of special powered similar aged peers, he might find that his life continues for the better. Well, at least I hope he won’t resort to anything life threatening again to make someone like him…

With the first half of the episode sorta disregarded now that he’s going elsewhere, I wonder if this Yumi will show up again at some point. Maybe when he’s changed to a proper person?

I’m not overly excited for this anime after this first episode. It has some fairly normal clichés around and some rather bland character designs. But I did half expect this seeing as the whole teens with superpowers genre is saturated with anything and everything so to come up with anything new isn’t easy. Still though, it’s interesting enough to continue. There is enough potential for a good story and it does take an interesting angle in the genre like the fact that all the powers are incomplete. It’s also not your standard battle fantasy type anime, it’s just a group of teenagers with superpowers in a normal world out to get them. No super villain to fight, and no world to rescue.

I think the fact that he scored top probably made others think he’s good looking. It’s all about perspective, someone successful looks better to others, even if they don’t. It’s about how others perceive their appearance as well like details of how your teeth looks could sway someone’s perception of another. Just thought I’d give that a quick mention on my views about the perception of appearance due to success.