This week’s SOTW is a BLOOD+ theme, because we don’t blog a lot of them, and they were all pretty cool.

The endings were all fairly good, but the first was by far the best. It might be because, as a violin player, I’ve played a lot of folk, and therefore enjoy it whenever I hear it. Chitose Hajime’s ‘Kataritsugu Koto’ is in the shima-uta style, a type of folk singing particular to the Amami Islands in Kagoshima Prefecture, where she’s coincidentally from.

The choice to use it as BLOOD+’s first ending, I’d guess, is that BLOOD+ is originally set in Okinawa; whilst shima-uta and Okinawan min’yo are often mistakenly linked, despite having little to do with each other.

Still, it’s something a little bit different than the norm of Japanese pop, which you sometimes need, as “same-old, same-old” can become exhausting after a while.


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