The Back Full of Meaning


Shirayuki has officially moved into her castle and has a uniform and ID. Meanwhile Zen’s working on the recent bandit incident from Laxdo.

Izana, Zen’s brother, summons Zen and Shirayuki. Izana punishes Zen for the bandit incident at Laxdo fort whilst placing Shirayuki in a separate room by them. After that, he greets Shirayuki and tells the others to leave. It seems Izana’s interested in Zen’s ‘friend’ and is expecting a lot from her, although he makes clear to her that he thinks nothing of Zen.

Izana later invites Raj to help deepen the two country’s friendship. But it turns into a troubling talk as Izana feigns ignorance to Zen and Shirayuki’s relationship and offers to bring Shirayuki to Raj who had previously liked her. Fearing Zen, Raj refuses to meet with her although makes a huge mistake and says that he believes Shirayuki to be Zen’s fiancée. Zen ‘sorts him out’ and refutes that statement.

After hearing that she could be going back with Raj, Shirayuki starts to think about why she was here in the first place.


When Izana was shown last episode in the preview, he had that air of arrogance around him, that same aura that is usually given to those who know their position and makes damn well sure everyone does as well. Usually leading to resentment from the audience because we like humble people. Whilst Izana is that arrogant ‘I’ll do whatever I want and you can’t do anything about it’ type of person, I’m not yet sure I hate him as much as I thought I would. For the moment I just dislike him.

My friend who reads the manga tells me that Izana is actually a caring brother, and I half see that. Just like how Haruka was disapproving of Shirayuki’s status and her relationship with Zen, Izana seems exactly the same. Like I said last episode this will become an obstacle of some sort. It was a shame that Shirayuki doesn’t stand up to him as much as she did to Haruka, but could that be because of how Izana ‘plays’ his position card? I mean Izana is an intimidating guy especially with his status backing him. Still doesn’t mean Shirayuki couldn’t try to stand up to him, although I don’t mind particularly as so far Shirayuki’s been a little too ‘perfect’. With this more powerful person, she’s managed to show us her weaker side. She does worry about things and is so much more believable as a character thanks to that.

It was interesting to see Raj again and him being played around by two much more powerful figures of authority. Not that I dislike him or anything, well I do, but him becoming the comic relief for this episode was actually quite fun. Not to mention he pointed out the romance section of the series quite well and how it’s still going at a slow speed. Although I must say, Shirayuki does seem a little more aware of her own feelings for Zen now. Still, not something big enough to discuss, for me at least.

Just one episode for Izana though, and maybe the initial shock of his personality surprised Shirayuki into a weaker side. She will find her feet again and, perhaps not be able to also change Izana’s opinion of her straight away, but make good grounds. Because she has to eventually or we don’t have a series. Shirayuki’s work ethic and herbal abilities got her here and I’m sure it’ll be the solution to most of the problems. After all, it’s not like she got here through anyone’s help, it was through her own powers, whether or not she’s a friend of Zen’s shouldn’t matter.