The Sound You Heard Sometime


Yusa is as popular as ever in class and in contrast Tomori is anything but popular as she is dragged behind the school building and beat up by a group of other students. Though she seems used to it and quickly returns to normal business as a new power user is discovered in the mountains, this one can fly. As always, Tomori has an idea of who this person is and the council sets off for the mountains for a long stake out in the form of a BBQ.

As they wait for the ability user to show, they have some fun and talk a little more to each other.

The stake out eventually works and the ability user shows himself. Turns out that the lands are private property and he was using to practice flight with no one noticing. But with them looking like they’re there to stay he had to show himself as his perfect spot for practicing is occupied.

He denies everything about his ability but Tomori traps him into falling into a well which he had to use his ability to get out of and she video tapes that for evidence. He manages to take the camera and fly off, however thanks to Yu’s ability he takes over his mind and orchestrates a half safe landing back to earth with only scratches and bruises. Tomori gives the guy her usual lecture of the consequences of these abilities and he surprisingly easily agrees to stop using his.

Yu finally returns home to his sister who looks to have caught a cold and so he puts her to bed.


Another very relaxed episode with quite a buoyant atmosphere, apart from maybe the beginning. It quite easily served as a character development episode as every character showed off their characteristics and also has some heart to heart with one another telling each other about themselves in a little more detail without other distractions. Like Tomori wanting to be a videographer which fully well explains her love for her camcorder.

A connection also forms between Yu and Tomori, a connection that even Takajo believes to be a romance blossoming. I’m not sure I completely agree, but they do look good together and I definitely wouldn’t be surprised if a romance did develop. I just don’t believe from what we’ve seen so far warrants that sort of conclusion. I’d more say it’s getting to be a much closer friendship. It feels like a better understanding of each other, like when they listened to that band Tomori liked and that beautifully thought out backstory behind it.

The only character I’d like to see developed a lot more is Takajou, although we have seen that he does appear to be just playing a waiting game to start his life. Still, I do feel there’s an interesting story under him.

I wonder if the other students realise what this school is about and what Tomori is doing for them? Probably not, but then I wonder how each student got invited here ‘peacefully’. I assume they send an invitation to those students on the pretense that they’re selected to go here because of some fabricated reason and also offer to pay. That alone is likely enough for a lot of parents to send them here over other places, financial help is so important and of course she may have used heavy handed tactics to get others here as well. Which would make others dislike her enough to beat her up, and it doesn’t help that she has an extremely nonchalant attitude about it. However given what she’s been through, I’m not surprised.

No mention of last week’s ‘test’ with Yu, but other enlightening facts as once again we are reminded of Yu’s past and this ‘other’ person that was in his life. I of course expect this to turn into some tear jerking storyline and am fully well prepared for it.

One small thing I don’t understand is why didn’t Tomori immediately disappear from that flying power user when he tried to approach her? Would’ve sorted out any kind of escape plan with the evidence.

I must’ve said this last episode, but I do hope that the plot starts soon. Not that I mind these episodes, it’s more that I know there is something much bigger and having to wait always makes me feel uneasy on what it could be, especially when it’s Jun Maeda. He’s obviously planning something to hit home. I had thought it might’ve been Ayumi as she was coughing, which to me is more than enough premonition that something big is going to happen. I’d be pretty disappointed if something doesn’t happen from it. I think it can only be of two outcomes, either she’s going to be really ill, or she’ll discover her own powers.