This week’s SOTW is the theme to a series I’ve wanted to watch for a while, but can’t find the time to because I’m working almost every day.

Still, since the opening video is only 1:30, it can fit readily into my day.

Mirai Nikki’s an interesting series, with psychological thriller and supernatural themes, focusing on a battle royale situation of people with diaries that have entries from future events and such. Game rules are: kill the other diary holders before the 90th day, and you get chosen to prevent the apocalypse.

There’s also a subplot of (a sort of) romance, focusing on the main “hero” and “heroine” of the series.

What the quotation marks mean, is that it makes you look at it with grey morality, which is a real achievement for a series nowadays.

Anyways, the opening is great. It brings an orchestral chorus in the background, coupled with hard rock guitars and drum lines. Classical and rock always go hand in hand, so this is a nice fusion.


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