The End of the Exodus


Ayumi is dead, Yu survives.

Having sank into depression, Yu gets through a large amount of cup ramen and piles up more and more of the containers. Yusa and Takajo come to visit, but Yu doesn’t answer the door.

Shirayanagi, the girl that Yu ‘saved’ also visits him, but he pushes her away.

He runs out of cup noodles and decides to run away. He knows he needs to get far away so the soaked person can’t locate him.

He holes himself up in an internet cafe for days but as nothing’s happening he decides to step out. He finds a shooter arcade game that he enjoys to the point of insanity. After that, he ends up involved in various gang fights using his powers to beat his opposition. But when he gets his hand on some illegal drugs, Tomori finally shows herself and kicks it out of him.

Partially blaming herself, she decided to stick it out with him all this way. In her effort to drag him back, she convinces him to have one bite of her cooking. Which turns out to be what Ayumi used to make for him straight from a recipe book from his mum.

Yu shovels it down his throat and agrees to return to the student council.


Tomori was being quite elusive episode, it was fairly obvious she was hanging around. Although, I had thought that she’d show herself sooner when Yu went back into his old delinquent self and then fell even further into darkness in the brutal gang fights. Although as much as the couple of fights looked really bad, he hadn’t completely descended into insanity or a murderer. With the drugs though, he definitely would have. You can’t risk messing with those things and hope to recover, at least not for a very long time.

Let’s deal with the elephant in the room then, Ayumi is dead. As I said last episode, this was most likely to deliver the maximum impact of sadness. Especially with Yu surviving. Usually an arc like this would last much longer than one episode to flesh out the emotions and go deeper into details. But Charlotte felt this can be handled in one episode. Because of this, I felt the entire thing was over too quickly. The fall was fine, it was believable and related to his old tendencies. But the rise with Tomori seemed too quick and too easy. I will say that the scene where Yu was shoveling down the omelet was very emotional and that entire sequence of events was well done. But overall, I felt Yu could’ve had many more trials and tribulations before bouncing back, .

Though because of how quickly Yu’s depression finished, I somehow get the feeling that Ayumi isn’t dead. That is mainly due to the anime not identifying that girl that appeared last episode at the end of the series and I feel that the soaked person’s appearance at the end of the episode also means more than premonition, like I said last episode.

I want to question why they brought back Shirayanagi to try and snap Yu out of his misery. I had thought it was going to be a scene where Yu declares the truth of that day to her and chase her off that way which would then further propel him in his downward spiral. But that didn’t happen, she didn’t do anything and walked away. If this doesn’t have some other meaning, then this felt like a waste of time.

I love Yu’s delinquent life, Pizza, angel beats and gaming, reminds me of my university life… At least the leisure side of it, although I’m pretty sure I had a few drinks as well and my room wasn’t just a computer.

Oh and just a random thought, but since Ayumi’s dead, could she perhaps possess Yusa? Or is that space purely occupied by Misa? And another thing is that I found some of Yu’s expressions reminded me of Tomori. Probably nothing related to the story there but I found it interesting.