What’s this? An anime theme from a series that debuted last year instead of 20 years ago? What’s up with Raven today?

Well, to assure you worried few (emphasis on few), I haven’t seen the series, which is called Gokukoku no Brynhildr. I only know it for two reasons. One: it’s by the same author of Elfen Lied (Lynn Okamoto), so I’ve kept up with what he’s doing. Two: this song, its second opening.

So, the genre here’s… techno metal fusion? That work? I like niche musical genres (to a degree) and this one suits my tastes. True, bands in the west have been doing the same thing for a while, but Fear, And Loathing just have that… ‘Japanese sound’ that I like so much.

To speak about the series: it looks to be similar in some veins to Elfen Lied, as it should as they share an author. However, instead of human mutant girls being researched in laboratories, this series has alien mutant girls being researched in laboratories.

So yeah, I’m interested.


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