A Chance Meeting


Yu returns back to his happy life at school.

Yusa has a new single and PV out and the council decide to watch it together. At the same time, Tomori’s shows that she’s obtained two tickets for a ZHIEND concert, her favourite band. In the end, Yu decide to go with her.

On the way home, Yu runs into Sala Shane, the blind vocalist for ZHIEND. She figures out about Ayumi’s death from the way that Yu talks and asks to hear about it. Yu calls Tomori as he expects her to want to meet Sala, but she is surprisingly uninterested.

However Yu then decides to take Sala to see Tomori’s brother as he feels that seeing his favourite band’s vocalist may help him. On the way to the hospital, she tells him a riddle of a story of why she lost her eyesight.

When they arrive Kazuki is in his pained ‘composing’ state, but a song from Sala manages to calm him down and he even says Nao’s name. Tomori hears about it and instantly rushes over. Kazuki’s recovered enough to actually recognise her and she calls Yu to thank him.

Meanwhile listening to ZHIEND’s songs, Yu wonders why they sound so nostalgic.


I was wondering if Yu was just going to return to the council and it’ll be happily ever after school life. Because that’d be extremely unbelievable after a family death event. It did sorta go like that for a while, with Charlotte’s usual comedic antics here and there as Yu attempts to settle back into normality again. But of course, as normal as he tries to make it, getting back into life without a loved one is going to have its own troubles like doing something you’re used to because of that someone but that not being possible anymore.

This is better because it’s more a gradual process for Yu to get used to his ‘new’ life. Even he admits himself that he needs to get used to it quicker. So what ensues is an effort from Yu to get Sala to Kazuki’s hospital. A long journey where thanks to the understanding Sala shows, helps Yu come more to terms with the fact that Ayumi isn’t there anymore and that there isn’t going to be someone else at home waiting for him. Also realising the fact at how far he’s come from his delinquent days thanks to Tomori.

He pays her back in kind though, as her brother snaps out of his condition ever so slightly and even is able to recognise and say Nao’s name. With the contact between those two it would feel that a romance is brewing up, and I don’t think anyone would be surprised if it did with the amount of hints thrown our way. And they’re also going to see a concert together, if that’s not a date I don’t know what is.

Although, I’m very much intrigued in what’s happened to Kazuki right now. It must’ve been on purpose that they didn’t show a scene with him and Nao. But I wonder if that means something else. I dunno, it felt a little too good to be true. Although if Sala’s songs have ‘powers’ then perhaps something will happen in the next episode during the concert? And I’m still confused about what Sala meant by the story of her blindness and something about giving it to God. Not to mention the final seconds of the episode where for some reason the songs feel nostalgic to Yu. All of this can only mean one thing, that something will happen during the concert. I’ll be disappointed if nothing happens with all this set up. I’m hoping for it to do with Yu’s backstory and that somebody who he can’t ever seem to remember who was in his life. Introducing a character this late into the series can only mean something important.

The other thing that gets me is Tomori’s lacklustre reaction to being able to meet Sala. Usually a fan of anything would love to meet its ‘creator’. I mean true I probably wouldn’t go out of my way to meet someone from a band I like, but the school’s dorms are hardly out of the way. And anyway, it’s more that her reaction doesn’t feel like someone who cares at all. It makes me question if she likes the band and it’s not just something she’s listening to ‘take over’, so to speak, for her brother. As much as it is part of her personality, I would’ve expected at least a little surprise that Sala is staying at Yu’s place. And then okay, it might be too troublesome to go.

The last thing I have a comment about are the Yusa and Sala songs. Both have English and neither make sense. I can’t tell a deeper meaning to any of the songs and it surprises me something like that could’ve snapped Kazuki out of his condition. Maybe this’ll turn into something else another time, but for now neither song feel like they were meant to do anything. At the very least I felt Yusa’s song and PV were poor quality at best, only the actual singing in both were okay.

Also, you’ll have to excuse me using Nao and Tomori interchangeably, I’ve used Tomori too much now but to differentiate I’m typing Nao for this episode as usually there’s only one Tomori.