The World is Not in Here


Tomori and Yu head to ZHIEND’s gig. But during the gig when ZHIEND performs a debut song Yu for some reason recognises it. Memories flood back before he loses consciousness and we are taken to them.

There both Ayumi and Yu are alive, they’re at some sort of research facility that seems to be testing on their abilities. We are finally told about their brother, Shun, who has the ability to time travel. This ability was too powerful and he was imprisoned.

During one of their meals Yu mentions his true ability. They also talk to a person who looks like the soaked person, his name is Kumagami and he’s found a telepathy user. They talk of a plan to use that telepathy user and Shun so that he can use his ability to go back in time to change this world.

Ayumi is called in for further research even though she doesn’t have an ability and Yu is tasered for trying to stop them taking her.

He wakes up later at night to the ground shaking and later find out that Ayumi’s ability was forced out. One of the doctors let him out of his room and he is forced to start the plan early. Yu’s true ability is to steal people’s abilities. He takes a fellow power user’s ability to talk through walls and reaches his brother.

But he wakes up in the current time in hospital having collapsed at ZHIEND’s gig. Kumagami visits the hospital ward and tells them to follow him, as they’ll also be able to save Ayumi.

It turns out that Shunsuke, Yu’s brother, was the one who helped Tomori, the one person she trusted.

They arrive at a mountain cave secret base where Yu is reunited with his brother Shunsuke. And he decides to tell Yu everything about his time travelling adventures.


We knew there was something else going on behind the scenes. I didn’t quite predict a time travelling story though, but then again I wasn’t quite sure where this was going either way. If all else fails time travelling sorts out all the ‘loose ends’ of everything. Either way though, everything’s much clearer in how this storyline came to be. Although time travel raises a load of questions on its own like timelines and things, I’m gonna ignore the majority of that and just go on how this story has proceeded.

I was going to have a think about how Shunsuke came up with so much money that it’s not a problem anymore. But thinking about it that’s an easy answer, if you know the future then gambling is a gold mine for you. No idea if that’s how Shunsuke did it, but it’s a likely option for him to make a lot of money very quickly.

I will have my comments on a couple of random things though. The first one being ZHIEND’s gig. It has to be said that I’ve never been to a gig or concert or whatever those events are before, but for some reason I expected a fancier stage and better seating arrangements. Then again I now remember watching animelo, and it’s definitely similar…

Another thing I was wondering about was why Yu didn’t remember anything until now, but it was because he had his memories wiped. Still though, that’s a pretty poor memory erasing ability if he remembers everything eventually. Or perhaps that was the way they planned it or limitations of the power?

Though I’m still questioning it. Simply put, Shun’s the one travelling back in time, so he should be the only one with all the memories of the future. The only reason that Yu would have memories is if he travelled back together with him, though if he did, they’d be together from the beginning surely, not having faint memories of the future. I find that this is a huge plot hole in the story, so I’m interested in how they ‘fix’ this in Shunsuke’s time travel story. As much as you can convince the others to join you because of how much you know thanks to knowing the future, that does not explain why your brother would posses memories of a time he was never in.

Anyways, we now know why the final shots of Ayumi’s death with those people were for. They were all part of changing the world together with Shun. Whatever the reason for them knowing about everything is, that doesn’t matter. What matters is the fact that they’re now planning to go save Ayumi from her untimely death. Being a brother with a time travelling ability Shunsuke is not going to let this death slide. As I said previously, I knew it didn’t feel right and that Ayumi at some point was going to be ‘revived’. The emotions weren’t depressing enough and I still think that Yu recovered way too fast for an actual death to have happened. So as much as you disagree with me, I saw an Ayumi ‘resurrection’ happening.

Also a quick point, I see why Tomori was ‘testing’ out Yu’s ability before, they probably noticed what his true ability actually was. Although I don’t know why they didn’t tell him. Is that something that should stay hidden? I suppose given his old tendencies of delinquency they didn’t want him going on a rampage and played it safe.

From everything that’s been said and done, we can guess everything that’s happened. Or can at least guess what happened thanks to Shun’s time travelling. Still, it’s never bad to hear it from the person who actually did it and also, I think we’re all more interested in what the Ayumi rescue plan is, apart from just stopping her from leaving the house that day. If it’s just that I will be very disappointed.