With how powerful Yu is, Shun wants him to stay hidden until his abilities disappear. This ‘safe house’ is a research facility to develop a vaccine to prevent future abilities from developing. Their abilities come from inhaling particles from a comet named Charlotte.

So Ayumi and Yu stay with the others underground for now. Whilst in a game of Mahjong Kumagami finds someone with an ability and so heads over to the student council. But he is taken to another location as whoever is behind this have the driver’s family hostage.

Kumagami is then captured and subjected to torture until he tells them everything. Afterwards Tomori is captures and they use her and Kumagami as hostages to lure out Yu. Without much of a choice, they decide to bet on Yu to rescue everyone after explaining everything and letting him think it over.

Once he gets there, he is ambushed immediately by another ability user and his right eye is slashed meaning he can’t time leap as he only has one eye. He tries to fight back but he is stabbed again forcing him to unleash collapse and the entire building falls around him.

Yu manages to save himself with telekinesis but Kumagami dies protecting Nao from falling metal pipes.


We finally find out the meaning behind the title of the anime and also all the starry night references in the opening. It was a comet named Charlotte that granted everyone’s abilities and how the entire series came to be.

I was very hopeful for an eventless slice of life romcom end to this series. But as I thought, it was not meant to be. Doesn’t help that I’m about to revise after this blog, now that I’m in a slightly less than happy mood. Although, this is gonna sound harsh, but luckily the person who died was not someone I felt attached to. Then again I did detach myself from this anime after Ayumi’s ‘death’.

I still don’t get an explanation of how Yu ‘remembers’ something in the future, instead I just get that they have no idea why it happened. Perhaps that’s another ability that will show itself? But that’s fine, this episode had its share of plot holes and places where you wonder why things weren’t done. Like I’m surprised Kumagami just stood there lackadaisically and let himself get punched, he could’ve at least made an attempt to escape, or actually when he was on the phone, messaged someone an SOS. Surely he expected himself to be captured and questioned.

Also, maybe you can’t travel back in time enough to stop Furuki’s family from being caught, although I’ll get to that afterwards, Yu could’ve time leaped to before Kumagami’s capture and with everyone there take out those two that was behind it all. Yu eventually took them out anyway.

So apparently they can detect changes in time anomalies, ignoring that because I’m not sure how they’re planning to explain timelines, I still think there would’ve been a way to get to a point to stop everything from happening. Like for one thing not allowing Furuki to join at the very start. As far back as they were planning this, Yu should be able to jump further back. Was it because that Shun didn’t think Yu could change everything on his own, that he didn’t let him? It seemed that Yu didn’t look like someone who had confidence in himself to be able to do something like that. I guess this isn’t a typical shounen storyline where the teenager in question has a ridiculous amount of self confidence and power.

Yu should’ve just took over and punched the other guy when he was in front of them, though, that’s probably not the right way to do negotiations. Then again, neither is collapsing the entire building around them.

But now that they have those two captured, they surely will be able to gain some information on the type of organisations after them. I assume those two aren’t the bosses as big villains never put themselves in harm’s way. Another thing is I wonder about that girl that attacked Yu, firstly what is her ability and secondly does she have another role to play in the final two episodes?

Now with time leap’s fix all ability gone, how will this series finish? They’ve ‘thwarted’ one attempt to get Yu, will there be more? And if so, do they plan on training Yu for combat? That’d be pretty interesting, though I doubt it’ll happen. Actually, with all the research facilities and money available surely they’d be able to find a way to fix his eye so that he can time leap again. I for one don’t think it’s gone. Although whilst I didn’t believe in Ayumi’s death, I do believe in Kumagami’s death this time.

I’m still hopeful for a happy end to this. Jun Maeda has usually ended his series on a happy note and that’s the last bit of optimism I’m clinging onto. With a time traveling ability that may still be there and a plethora of other abilities to explore and mysterious people left to look into i.e. Sala with her miraculous healing songs, there’s always a way for a happy ending, even if it doesn’t make sense. This series has had many plot holes and I’m not too bothered by them anymore. I’m actually pinning the last bit of optimism onto Sala. Her ability to ‘heal’ Tomori’s brother and also bring ‘back’ Yu’s memories seem all too amazing for her not to be involved at the very end in some way.