Yu wakes up in hospital and finds out what happened. His brother doesn’t visit him and seems to have sank into depression as everyone else mourns Kumagami’s death. A host of old friends and new instead visit Yu to wish him better bringing him food to cheer him up.

And after the near death experience, Yu seems to have a different perspective on the world. He tells Misa to see her parents again and Misa/Yusa follow Yu’s advice so that Misa could eat their parent’s cooking again. After Yu nears full recovery, he visits his brother who’s still stuck in a miserable state.

Movements involving ability users are occurring all over the world and it seem like it won’t be long before they’re involved again. Shun wonders what will happen to them all.

Tomori finally visits Yu and offers him a solution to everything. As the vaccine to stop abilities to develop has finished, all Yu needs to do now is to steal everyone’s powers away. If he does, he will become the most powerful being on the planet, with enough power to destroy the world.

Yu agrees to this and finally tells Tomori his feelings. She doesn’t take it that well, but eventually tells him that she’ll wait for him. Once Yu saves everyone, they’ll be together. Tomori welcomes him to steal her ability as his first.

He talks it through with his brother and his journey begins. They know that the enemy must have an ability user similar to Kumagami and so Yu sets off abroad leaving Japan in his brother’s care. He takes Yusa, Misa and Takajo’s abilities before he leaves.


Hmmm, that’s an interesting storyline to follow. I mean the ‘option’ was always there, but I guess I just never considered that saving the entire world was on their priority list. The first thing that was on my list was surely find a way to fix his eye and go back in time to save Kumagami. Though as I said last episode, this death felt ‘right’, unlike Ayumi’s where something else was obviously going on behind the scenes. Still though, that means we won’t see Sala again, and it seemed like all the clues were there for her to be more involved.

So Yu will be the one to purge the world of this ‘deadly disease’. He’s stepped up at least, instead of the quitter from last episode. Guess the shock of being the one to have let someone die will change someone drastically. It was nice to get a moment of calm before Yu sets off, let the comedy return for a bit and Yu can enjoy his final moments with people who he can finally call friends. Which is a huge difference from the start of the series and I’m sure he’ll feel that he’s come a long way as well.

The love story side of things wasn’t quite as romantic as I had hoped it would be, this is basically the opposite of Shirayuki’s romance. Quite funny though and nothing less expected from Tomori. But I wanted something in the middle. At least he wasn’t rejected and with the promise of getting together after Yu saves the world surely means that next episode will involve some sort of time skip to that moment. That’s assuming it’ll be a happy ending, if not, he’ll probably die at some point and the scientists will win. The latter is not what I’m hoping for obviously.

Wiht my prediction of a tiem skip, I wonder how long it’ll be and how long. Abilities disappear by adulthood right, but how is that gauged? I’d say maybe 2 years seeing as he’s sixteen, I think. And 18 is a good generalisation of ‘adulthood’ in my view. At least this way I don’t expect anyone’s appearance to change. Will Yu return with millions of powers turning into some sort of demigod and Tomori is still waiting for a happily ever after ending? I hope so… Or maybe with those powers he’ll find a healing one and recover his eye so that he can time leap again and fix everything from the beginning? Reminds me of the saying from Spiderman ‘with great power comes great responsibility’. No pressure or anything for a teenager, like every shounen battle fantasy out there…

Let’s see how they wrap this up, I can ignore plotholes at this point, so disregarding anything that doesn’t make sense, I just want a happy ending.