Goodbye to the Beginning


Once every couple of years the palace has an ‘open day’ where parts of it is open to the public. Zen gets some free time during the day and he with Kiki, Mitsuhide, Obi and Shirayuki decide to explore the festivities.

Zen told them that he is now together with Shirayuki and will take a path that allows him to be with her.

Later, due to injury to a star actress, Shirayuki is roped into playing the part of a princess for a play. But the director seems to have ulterior motives for letting her on, i.e. to show everyone her hair and let the actor kiss her for better ‘ratings’. Zen notices this and swoops in to ‘protect’ her adlibbing as he goes.

After that, Shirayuki and Zen share their enjoyment of the rest of the day at the festival together.


Whilst Charlotte may not give me a happily ever after ending, at least this does. That said, it’s only an ‘interim’ ending. As we all know, second season starts in Jan, along with Assassination Classroom too, thought you’d like to know.

So this episode had an interesting job of ending it well, but also keeping us interested for next season. I would say the former was accomplished with the sorta ‘happily ever after’ ending. But the latter, I’m not so sure. There was no cliffhanger for one thing, it ended like any other shoujo good ending and didn’t really leave much to be desired.

I mean don’t get me wrong, the episode was nice, it put a final ‘stamp’ onto what is now the focus of the show, Zen and Shirayuki’s relationship and also gave us a bit of time to admire the couple now that it’s all settled. But again that’s something I expect from an actual ending, and not a ‘half’ ending. There were some fun moments and some comical ones and the episode played out like any other general festival type episode.

Obi’s unrequited, perhaps, love, is getting more and more prominent. He knows this though, yet he still feels obliged to be bold in the way he’s managing his emotions. At least that’s the feeling I get. Perhaps he just cares for her like a good friend, and wants the best for her and Zen. But it’ seems a little more than that.

Anyways, regardless of this episode’s sense of closure, we’re getting a second season. Yes I don’t feel that this episode gave enough for me at least to want to watch a second season, but that doesn’t matter, I’ll watch it regardless because I like this anime. The series was good and I’ll give my wrap up comments on it next year when I will likely start reading this manga.