Memories to Come


Yu arrives overseas and immediately goes on the hunt to find someone with the ability to find other ability users. He finds them and steals their ability and is then able to find every ability user with the help from a map and steals everything he can.

Due to his proficiency at stealing abilities, he’s now widely renowned as the one eyed grim reaper to ability users.

He finds a place that is also harbouring ‘carriers’ of the disease as well. But he has an ability to speed up the effects of any disease and so he speeds up the development of their abilities and steals them all.

He also manages to steal a healing ability, but he decides not to heal his eye.

As he steals more and more abilities he slowly falls into insanity not even remembering who Tomori is. As he crosses off each country, his mind drifts further away from him. The only thing keeping him remotely sane is a small book of language notes that Tomori gave him before he left

As he steals the final ability, he is wounded by a bounty hunter. But Shun is quick on the rescue, and with the mission accomplished, takes Yu back to Japan.

Even thought he doesn’t recognise Tomori anymore, she is more than happy that he’s returned safe and will keep her promise to him. And from now on, together they will experience happier lives.


That was probably one of the most rushed ending episodes I have ever seen. I anticipated some sort of time skip coupled with things going on in Japan all the while getting responses from Yu now and then. I didn’t think they’d follow him through his entire journey and rush it in a single episode. They could’ve easily left this series at last episode and planned a separate season with twelve episodes for Yu’s long journey and made it into some battle fantasy shounen thing.

But no, Maeda decided to tell us all about Yu’s heroic deeds in fast forward. The story itself wasn’t the greatest piece of story writing I’ve ever heard. It was fairly predictable. He steals abilities, he doesn’t sleep, slowly losses his mind and eventually losses his memories as he sinks into insanity. But it’s all happy as Tomori has everything recorded anyway so he can just remind himself of everything and also create more memories with his friends, his beloved and his family.

So yeah, not that impressed with this episode. Or the last one to be frank, but at least it was set up to a grand finale of heroism from Yu. And emotions were flying high so it had something to tell and whilst slow, the episode felt right for the stage of the show. This one was just not right.

I’m still a little unsure of what to think of the series overall actually. For one thing, it did not get to me emotionally as much as any of his other series. I mean sure the only death was from a character that I had no emotional attachment too and actually if Ayumi stayed dead it would’ve made for much more sadness. If I was to make a detailed analysis of this series I could probably find out why, but I don’t have anywhere near enough time, I still gotta write the new season blog and I actually should be revising right now, procrastination’s not something that I do naturally but I want to get this blog done.

If I had to put it down to one thing, it would have to be the Kumagami death. It felt extremely out of character for Jun Maeda to kill off someone so randomly. Well not that random given the situation, but overall it was unexpected. Usually Jun’s sad stories works by developing a character making viewers like them, and then kill them off in some horrible tragedy. Which could be said for a lot of depressing stories yes, but I’m making the point that this Kumagami death and Ayumi revival was unusual. This is ignoring the horrendously rushed ending which is a completely separate problem on its own.

I don’t understand why Yu didn’t use the healing ability when he gained it. Yes sure his objective is not to go back in time and fix everything, he’s decided to go on this journey and save the world. But still, even if you got used to using only one eye, having two eyes would surely be better anyway. And there’s nothing wrong with having the ability to time leap just in case something goes wrong right? Or was he so confident in his ‘abilities’, to do everything without it. Either that or he got into his nickname way too much, i.e. ‘one eyed reaper’.

This series started off like any Jun work, but it got very shaky towards the end. It was still enjoyable like any anime, but whilst I know I didn’t want full waterworks, I was ready to feel something. I didn’t get that and I’m disappointed but relieved at the same time. It’s just unfortunate that I’m in this weird spot at the moment in terms of my emotional state and needing to revise… It was enjoyable like I enjoy any other good anime. Nothing exceptional though.