We kick off the continuation by going back in time to a fight between HOMRA and Scepter 4 when Mikoto was still alive. This is followed by a quick introduction of what the powers and the kings are.

Back in modern day and the Green clan is moving resulting in a lot of incidents happening in the city keeping Scepter 4 very busy.

It looks like that the Green clan works on a point based system for their ranks like some form of game. And those lower in the clan are doing ‘missions’ to climb the ladder. Their missions so far are all to do with annoying the Blue, Red and Silver clans.

During the most recent harrassment, the Green clan put out a video slandering Mikoto. Both Blue and Red clans figure out the place where the video was from and coincidently meet there. It’s an obvious trap set by the lower ranks of Green clan member and Blue and Red show that they’re not to be messed with so easily.

All the while, Neko and Kuro’s search for Shiro continues.


As you know, or may not actually but I must’ve said it at one point, at the moment the way I pick what anime to watch is based on a shallow judgment on art style. Yes it’s not appropriate but with exams and work I don’t have the luxury to attempt to watch something I don’t like the look of, hence why all the shoujos, it’s an easy way to weed out anime, a wrong way I admit and will change once I finish all my exams. My point is that K is an anime I started watching because of the art style and high quality animation production. And whilst the plot is still something enjoyable, I think this is a show you can just watch and appreciate the quality of the animation and how fluid the movements in the battle scenes look.

That said, there is barely any plot at the moment anyway, apart from the movements of ‘Jungle’, the mystery behind them and searching for Shiro. Plus the first episode didn’t really showcase much of what’s to come apart from well animated battle scenes. Which I’m entirely not against.

Although what I am against is what they did to Seri. I can handle a little fan service now and then, in fact I expect it, but this is a little too much. If this was ‘that’ kind of show, I’d completely understand, but I expected better from K. The over exaggerated fan service feels extremely out of place in this otherwise beautifully crafted animation. Just to be clear, I have nothing against fan service, what I am against is it being out of place. At least it felt out of place to me, like a weed in a garden of flowers…

So, with half the episode dedicated to an old fight between HOMRA and Scepter 4, we didn’t see much of modern time. Yes, what the Green king is up to is very interesting, but apart from him just trying to have a little fun because he’s crazy, I’m unsure what he’s trying to accomplish.

I am very much looking forward to seeing the return of the Silver king who decided to go skydiving, and the mysteries of what he was up to and why he disappeared. I feel it’s a good start and very much playing into the strong qualities of this series with the animation and fitting BGM.