Kuro meets with Munakata to talk about the Green clan’s recent activities. Hisui Nagare is the name of the green king and he controls the greens via a social media network known as ‘Jungle’. Their system works like a game, normal people who aren’t aware of the kings and special powers can still join up to the game and start at ‘E’ rank from the last letter of Jungle and can collect points to be promoted.

Everything that’s happened so far involving the green clan is all due to ‘missions’ people have to complete to earn these points. As they move up the ranks they can gain temporary powers. If they fail they will lose points and may lose their powers. Munakata offers Kuro and Neko a place of refuge until Shiro returns but Kuro declines. After Kuro leaves, Munakata asks Fushimi to keep an eye on him as the green clan will likely target them again.

Seri talks with Goki Zenjo, the person who killed the previous Blue king to avoid a ‘damocles down’. Seri is concerned about the current condition of Munakata as his sword is slightly damaged and that Zenjo may have been brought back to Sceptor 4 to carry out what he did to the last king. But of course, Seri is Munakta’s right hand ‘man’, if anyone should do it, it’s her.

At HOMRA, Neko is cozying up to Anna and is trying to use the marble left to her from Anna to find Shiro again as she saw Shiro before. They talk a little bit about the kings and what’s going on at the moment. Anna also offers Neko and Kuro a place of refuge, but she also refuses politely.

Later, Neko and Kuro meet up and head back to the academy to continue their wait and search for Shiro.


Like every other new series’ second episode, we enter a bit of a lull after all the action in the first episode. And I do mean like every other series, seems that they all have the same idea, impactful attention grabbing first episode and relaxing, introductions, scene setting etc second episode. It works fine, now that it’s reminded us quickly of the main groups of characters we can set the scene with this episode.

Kuro and Neko still on the search for Shiro with Red and Blues backing them, at least for now. But Jungle’s messing about in the background trying to distract everyone for reasons that aren’t clear just yet. Although we now know how the green clan ‘works’.

Also, through the very conversation heavy episode, it seems that we may have set the scene for a potential regicide in the future. It seems Munakata is aware of his condition, but he definitely looks in much better shape than Mikoto did. His sword only just started crumbling, which brings an interesting question to mind, how long can kings ‘last’? I don’t want Anna to go any time soon, I want her to reign for decades. Perhaps it’s to do with how much of their powers they use? Though of course the silver king doesn’t die ironically because of his powers.

And speaking of Shiro, I was hoping for him to appear this episode, but it seems it’s gonna take him a while to reach the ground, more than one episode at least.

I felt that one theme going around this episode was one of belonging. It’s nice when everyone talks about where they ‘belong’, it’s something that most of us take for granted, but it’s an important factor in all our lives. If you don’t have somewhere you belong, it’s kinda hard to find purpose and to live on. Kuro and Neko stay loyal silver clansmen and return to the academy, where they feel they belong, at the end together even though they went separate ways at the start of the episode.

With the characters reintroduced again, I assume we’ll move swiftly onto the focus of the movie and assumedly, this new season, the green clan and what the king is after.