Hisui Nagare, the Green leader, wants to meet the Silver King. He’s running out of patience in his search and orders Kuro to be killed and Neko to be captured.

Back at HOMRA, Anna is about to return something Neko forgot, but Yata decides to return it instead.

As Yukari is set on killing Kuro himself, Sukuna heads off elsewhere to find Fushimi and Yata to fight.

With a pre-decided location, Kuro and Yukari meet up to fight. Yukari is still much stronger and beats him in the duel easily. But Shiro finally appears out of the sky once more and saves Kuro.


And Shiro drops out of the sky in dramatic fashion, but landing in as elegantly as ever, even holding an umbrella. We also find out something which I assume will be important later on, Neko’s real name, being Miyabe Ameno. If you’ve always wondered about Neko’s past, I think this highly hints towards it being revealed very soon.

We are finally introduced to this Hisui Nagare, the green king, along with his actual clansmen, who like Shiro also live in a dingy apartment. He also seems unable to move and looks to have his personal reasons for wanting to meet the silver king. Now we know why the bird always does the talking and also perhaps why the green king has chosen a social media network to ‘control’ his underlings, for lack of a better word as those people aren’t technically clansmen.

It’s an interesting way of control and directly relates to the current age. I still wonder sometimes what age a lot of the anime ‘world’ is living in. The internet, which needless to say is one of the most important factor of many people’s lives, and social media which has exploded in recent years, are not really prominent in anime. Granted the majority of anime I watch are fantasy, so they’re more focused on the magic side, but still, I would expect to see more. So I’m glad that K has integrated both into its story and also to create contrast between the blue and reds.

This episode fell back to what K does best, the beautifully animated fight scenes, as if they were skip to each other’s step, and with the light violin BGM, it’s almost like a well choreographed dance. And I do love the fight scenes as you know.

Now with Shiro back, I’m hoping the plot will move forwards next episode significantly. I mainly want to see what the green king is after, with the silver king’s power of immortal life, could he be looking for a way to return to health? And of course, any and all fights are welcome if the animation quality doesn’t drop.