With Shiro’s arrival, Hisui Nagare orders a retreat order.

And finally, Neko and Kuro are reunited with Shiro, who appears to know more or less everything that’s happened so far.

Due to the green clan’s movements being quicker than expected, Shiro had to show himself. But he seems to have a plan against the greens and arranges to meet with Anna and Munakata. He is here to discuss how to keep the green’s under wrap with the gold king’s passing, using the powers of the remaining three kings, red, blue and silver.

Munakata and Anna both accept the offer of alliance to counter the greens.


As much as I enjoy K’s art, I can’t enjoy it to a degree that it’s everything this series stands for. For all intents and purposes, nothing happened this episode. Yeah they made an alliance, that was it. I felt like they really wanted to reach the end of the agreement of the alliance and leave it at that, and so they decided to stretch out the episode in the most dull way ever. Should’ve at least tried to put some more humour in. Though I’d feel lazy after finishing my exams to complete my episode review like that, so I’ll find some random things to talk about.

Right, well we have confirmation that the Green King wanted to lure Shiro out into the open, not that that was a surprise at all. But again, I ask why? I still think it relates to Shiro’s immortality due to Hisui current condition. That’s just my thought on it, I’m not sure why otherwise as there’ve been no clue at all of his underlying intentions.

Whatever his intentions though, he’s up to no good and this gives birth to the rectangular coffee table alliance. And whilst around that table, Anna and Munakata had their number 2 and number 3 behind them, which made me wonder, would Kuro be Shiro’s number 2 and Neko number 3?

Speaking of the number 2 and 3s, I wonder where Sukuna stands having easily held off and look to have come out victorious against the red and blue number 3s combined.

Also, to answer my own question on how long the kings can last. Well, the gold king lasted until ripe old age, so there’s no reason Anna can’t, unless the gold king had a special life preserving ability. Then again I can’t remember his ability, but I don’t think it related to longer life.

Either way, I’d like to believe that this episode, that was just setting up the alliance, means that something more interesting will happen next episode.