The red and blues work together to detain green clan wannabes whilst Shiro visits the gold king’s old room. Now with him gone, the blues will be in charge of the Dresden Slate along with all the authority that comes with it, including influence over the government.

But with a new burden, Kusanagi and Anna are more and more wary of Munakata’s condition and is keeping an eye on him.

As Shiro finds some time to himself he is interrupted by Hisui’s parrot as he comes bearing a proposal of teaming up together to promote the advancement of mankind. He’ll do this by releasing the power of the Dresden Slate now that the gold king is dead and has lost the control over it. Shiro declines.

With that, Hisui decides to accelerate his plans and will take the Dresden Slate by force and declares war.


It’s all about the Dresden Slate now, the power where everything stems from and where everything started. The unfortunate thing is I have since forgotten the majority of the first season and so can’t remember too much about the history of the slate. But being the first king, would mean Shiro was the first person to take power from it?

Now we’re finally getting the full picture of the plot. Simply put, , the green king wanted the slate’s powers to be spread widely but the gold king had controlled the slate. For reasons I can’t remember, spreading the power is a bad idea, though just bringing more powerful people into a world is never good anyway in case people go wild or lose control, or have evil intentions. Hisui’s only showing himself now because the gold king is dead and Munakata doesn’t have as much control over the slate and so this is the best time to take him out and obtain the slate for himself.

After finally making it all clear, we can hopefully proceed to the battles which looks to be taking place next episode from the preview. It also looks like Hisui can surprisingly stand. I guess he was conserving his powers until now.

With the fight looming it makes me wonder, in terms of actual fighting prowess, what can Shiro do…? I can’t remember seeing him fight. Sure he’s immortal, but if he’s as weak as a normal person, then he’s kinda useless. He has however survived a skydive, so I assume he must be able to do something.

Since the revelation of Neko’s actual name, nothing more has been said. Maybe I’ve missed something, but I was hoping that it was going to be very important. I assume it’ll tie in with something later on, but I guess for now, it’ll lie low.

With Munakata’s conversation with the head of state, it’s quite apparent that the kings have influence over the politics of the country. Which is not surprising seeing as Sceptor 4 is considered a police force, and it wouldn’t do to have power wielding individuals going around the city doing whatever they want, so there has to be order somewhere.

And speaking of Munakata, the other big development, apart from Hisui’s plan, is the fact that more and more are noticing Munakata’s condition. Will he hold out with the extra burden of keeping the Slate under control? We’ll soon see as the battles commence.