The greens plan to attack in full force on Christmas Eve, whilst Shiro prepares the counter attack on the other side. He leads as he knows Hisui better than the others due to the data he has from the gold king when Hisui challenged him before and lost.

The battle begins as Yukari and Sukuna break into the building where the Slate is held first.

Shiro’s plan is to weaken the greens by slowing down Yukari and Sukuna. Hisui is actually one of the strongest kings and if he unleashes his full power he could easily destroy everyone, however that kind of power can’t be sustained for long.

Their first plan is to separate Sukuna and Yukari. The reds will deal with Sukuna and silver will deal with Yukari. After those two are pinned down, the three kings will deal with Hisui.

But the plan doesn’t quite work as Sukuna finds his way to Shiro and Yukari faces the blues. Meanwhile, Hisui arrives and charges onto the battlefield.


Since the slowdown of the series from the last two episode, I was kinda expecting a little more of a spectacle this episode. Yes okay there were some fighting, but seeing the preview with Hisui unleashing his power, I thought that would be much earlier on in the episode not at the very end. So we see nothing from Hisui and his powers. Here’s hoping that the scene in the preview where Anna battles Hisui won’t be at the end of the episode and we will get an action packed episode.

I don’t know why they’re trying to drag it out so much, but the half hearted attempts to fill that stalling isn’t that good either. Like the talk between Neko, Kuro and Shiro before the Sukuna face off and the green clans chat at the start. The comedy ‘routine’ and individual characteristics of everyone being displayed seem heavily forced and didn’t flow naturally.

The only thing I felt flowed well this episode was the camera shots during the fights, although I’m particularly susceptible to motion sickness so that didn’t help when the camera decided to go upside down. Still, I will say that the animation quality hasn’t dropped.

From Hisui’s strategy, it makes me wonder about something. As he said at the start of the episode, it’s unfortunate now that Shiro’s back because he’s helping to protect the slate. But wasn’t it him who wanted to lure Shiro out? Surely he wasn’t naive enough to think that he’d be able to get Shiro on his side? He’s just made it harder for himself to accomplish what he wants, I feel that’s either a plothole in this or just extremely poor foresight on Hisui’s part. Also, what does the beer drinking old guy do? He’s surely not just a carer right?

Either way, it was another lacklustre episode, if not for the artwork and BGM I like so much, I may have stopped watching. Although it seems to heat up next episode with Anna facing off against Hisui, so hopefully that’ll reignite my love for the series.