Yukari continuously charges ahead despite the traps and eventually meets the entire red clan whilst the blue clan arrives from behind in a pincer movement. But as Hisui charges in, Sukuna and Yukari retreat.

Hisui uses all of his powers to speed his way to the top floor where the slate is being held battling through Anna to get there. He is pinned down by Munakata eventually, but it appears this was his plan, to clear the way so that another can finish the job.

That another person, is the gray king.


I will say that Anna was pretty awesome in this episode. Then again I have been a big fan of hers since the start, especially after Missing Kings when she became king. I knew she was going to get much better and although the fights were short, she showed a good battle regardless. Though that’s where my praise for this episode ends. Quite simply, if it wasn’t for Anna, this episode would’ve been another horrendously boring and dragged out one.

I don’t understand what K’s playing at this time, then again, I don’t remember the first season enough to compare. But, the potential is there, the movie was great and the times where the fights did break out were good. The problem is the fact that they keep teasing at these great action packed scenes only then to give us more talking and a couple seconds of actual combat.

Still, the clash of the five kings will surely be a battle for the ages next episode right? If it’s anything like what’s happened so far, it’ll be a couple seconds of fight and more talk of their ideals. Whilst the conflicting ideals of all the kings are actually a nice contrast and entertaining, I feel that with the ability to put on a spectacle, they should do it. This was never meant to be a chatty anime to begin with, at least that wasn’t the feeling I got.

Speaking of the fifth king, it explains what Iwa is supposed to be doing. I did questioned his purpose being the lazy alcoholic who even at the final battle didn’t dive in when all the others had. So he had to be something, which meant I wasn’t surprised that he would be the final king, due to how calm Hisui was, like he had another ace up his sleeve.

Also, I’m glad that Neko’s name is brought up again, I was very interested when it was mentioned before. Though nothing was expanded on it unfortunately, but at least this means they haven’t forgotten it was a thing that they put in.

I loved that Shiro was using his phone as a flashlight. For all the powers these people have, they can’t do with no light and can’t generate it themselves. And also, I still haven’t seen Shiro in a fight yet. From the glimpse that was in the episode preview it just looks like he was deflecting attacks with his parasol, but maybe he’ll do some attacking as well.