14 years ago the death of a king caused a catastrophe known as the Kagutsu Incident. It was believed that the gray king Seigo Ootori died during that incident. But he survived and he also found and helped the green king who was a boy at the time on the verge of death.

Back then, the gray clan, Cathedral, was one of the strongest, second only to the gold clan. During the Kagutsu incident, he led his clan to stop the then red king’s damocles down, but failed and lost his clan.

In present day, Iwa takes Hisui into the fog and opens fire on Anna as she tries to stop him with his revolver. The fog thickens and Anna’s powers weakens in the cold.

Munakata takes Iwa on next and as they talk about their own ideals in the midst of battle, Iwa finishes it by breaking Munakata’s sword with one shot causing his damocles sword to crumble more.

With both Anna and Munakata weakened, Iwa hauls away the slate with Yukari and Sukuna piloting a helicopter.

After a complete defeat, Fushimi voices his dissatisfaction to Munakata who calls him a traitor who could never devote himself to one king. Angered by Munakata’s comments, Fushimi leaves the blues looking to join Jungle as he logs onto their system.


Another episode, another ‘battle’, and another disappointment. Sure, Iwa’s method of fighting didn’t help, hiding away in his fog and firing potshots. I didn’t even care about that because it could’ve still been a good fight, my annoyance is that neither Anna nor Shiro got involved, and that the majority of the fight could’ve been considered another exchange of ideals rather than combat. I find myself questioning Shiro’s fighting abilities again and I think it’s even safe to assume that he has no offensive capabilities.

The idea to give normal people power so they can defend themselves is an interesting one, it’s very much akin to one of the reasons for guns in the US. I guess one simple argument is that there are the odd few who won’t use the powers for a good cause, it’s not like mass killings haven’t happened before. It only takes one or two people to go berserk.

I agree with Munakata’s ideal that there should be order. The majority of society are good, so order works because the majority will follow and the minority who don’t are easy to deal with due to their small numbers and lack of power. If you give everyone powers, the good may not use them but the bad will and they’re going to be much harder to deal with. An extreme example I can think of is give a bad guy a machine gun and he could go on a huge mass murder before being taken down. If he only had a knife, he might get two or three before being overpowered, it’s a completely different scale.

But hey, I’ve never been a fan of guns or the idea of empowering the public, I’d feel unsafe and nervous so I’m probably biased in this opinion, as is the anime, being not an American production. I’m sure Americans who like guns will have a much better argument for empowering the public.

Of course the most interesting plot movement this episode was the hinted betrayal from Fushimi. It wasn’t something that was completely surprising given Fushimi’s character and the buildup after the defeat. This would be quite troubling if it does come to be though. Losing one of the top four fighters below king level would significantly weaken the ‘allied forces’, especially given that Munakata is now probably out of commission for quite a while and their only fighting power by the looks of it will be an inexperienced Anna. No matter how awesome she is, I don’t expect her to be a match for the gray king. So, I expect something else to happen before they reengage the battle to reclaim the slates.

I have to say, it was another disappointing episode in terms of a fighting spectacle. But, I enjoyed the backstory to the gray king and also Fushimi’s defection. So I still found this episode quite entertaining. On a final random note, did anyone else think the BGM that started playing at around 5.35 sounded like the beginning to PSY’s song Gentlemen?