So, searching desperately for a song for this week’s Song Of The Week, I looked through my “Author’s Watchlist” list, to see the things I’ve stalled on for some themes (which is absolutely a page that everyone should read all the time, to know the authors’ likes and dislikes, it’s great).

First one I came to was Baccano! “That has a great, memorable and lovable opening!” I exclaimed in my head, and so here we are.

Have I stated how much I like jazz and soul and such? Because I do. Especially when it crops up in places you wouldn’t expect. Like in The Commitments, or in anime that isn’t Cowboy Bebop or Samurai Champloo.

Baccano!’s a great series that I’d recommend to everyone. It’s clever, funny, suspenseful, with great characters, a strange but intriguing plot, and a manner of telling the story via different character’s POVs. It is a very unique series, and can really only be understood by watching.

Because there are so many characters telling the story, the opening credits gives a helpful rundown of the said characters, which would be replicated in the series’ spiritual successor, DURARARA!!


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