Kid’s Room


Fushimi contacts and enlists the help of Douhan Hirasaka, a former U rank Jungle member, the woman who was able to go through walls that appeared in the movie.

A month onwards from the slate theft normal people have started developing powers randomly. Hisui has issued out new missions through his network to keep a look out for new strains and also keep tabs on other clan movements. Two new players, Fushimi and Douhan have caught Hisui’s interest as they climb the ranks with Fushimi nearing J

Seri and Kusanagi infiltrate a party held by Jungle advertising their system. Knowing that people can obtain powers from this, everyone is up for the widespread use of the system. Seri lures one of Jungle’s ’employees’ away and steals the person’s PDA to obtain the party’s guest list. They are discovered and make a run for it. Fushimi stops them at the final hurdle and destroys the PDA to complete his mission to reach J rank.

Yukari appears and leads him to Jungle’s secret base through underground tunnels. It turns out that the reason why Fushimi reached J so fast was due to him paying Hirasaka to obtain her points. After confirmation of Fushimi’s defection, Munakata calls for reinforcements and brings back Goki Zenjo.

At Jungle’s base, Fushimi and others enjoy a sushi party where he is welcomed into the group and whilst he is unhappy having to deal with other people, he is quite just going missions


Funnily enough, this was the first time I actually considered the location of Jungle’s hideout. The moment I considered it was when I noticed that the scenery ‘outside’ was moving. Then Sukuna opened it up to darkness. By that point it made me wonder where they could be as I would’ve at least thought to be able to see stars or clouds or some sort of light even if it was night.

Obviously it was revealed at the end what and where their base is. Quite rightly described by the episode title, a ‘kid’s room’. They have enough room down there to build a castle, it’s quite weird to think that they only built a cramp cheap apartment. Then again, they might’ve not had money. What interests me more is how they’re able to get water, electric and other utilities through if it’s just an isolated room in a huge underground base. But hey, they’ve got the slate next to them, that’ll give them power for years right….?

Unsurprisingly Fushimi did betray the blues, and joined Jungle as a J rank. At the moment it seems like he’s there to stay, but I’m actually surprised Hisui took him in so openly. Fushimi reminds me a little of Lu Bu, in the betrayal part at least. When Cao Cao was about to take the captured Lu Bu on as his general, Liu Bei warned him about the betrayals, rightly so as he can easily betray his master again. If you don’t know what I’m talking about you can have a look at Lu Bu and his death at the hands of Cao Cao, battle of Xia Pi, Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

My point is, what’s to stop Fushimi doing this as a fake betrayal?  And use this opportunity to spy on or to destroy Jungle from within when he finds a chance? As the saying goes, you need to fool your friends first to fool your enemy. Though we can probably safely say that Fushimi has gone over to the green side. I mean who wouldn’t with that Sushi party. However I feel that later in the series they’ll convince him back to the ‘good’ side and that’ll be one of the things that end Jungle.

Not much else went on, Goki returns from the movie to replace Fushimi and Shiro seems to be enjoying life and trying to think of a counter strategy, whilst civilians start developing random powers. I guess they can’t do much right now and are probably waiting to see what the greens are up to first, hence the infiltration by Seri and Kusanagi.