This week’s an easy one, can’t remember if I said, but I went to Hyperjapan last Saturday. Main aim was for food and random merchandise, and I ended up buying a few Pokémon figures and other Pokémon stuff. I also bought some Mekakucity Actor stuff plus I went to see IA’s concert. For those of you unfamiliar with vocaloid, IA is a humanoid persona voice by a singing syntheziser programme. Yeah I copied that from wikipedia, but you get the jist of it now.

Either way, it was very enjoyable and so I thought I’d introduce people who are unfamiliar with Vocaloid to one of the songs from the concert, Children Record by IA. How does this song link to anime you may ask? Well it’s the eighth song of the Kagerou Project which is the basis for the anime Mekakucity Actors.

I’ve put up the song, the song with a MMD model plus a ‘live’ performance by IA of it.

Live Performance