Sukuna is extremely unhappy due to Fushimi beating his all time record for reaching J rank and keeps trying to pick a fight.

Due to the failure in protecting the slate, Munakata is fired from his influential position in the government by the much more confident prime minister having sided with the greens.

Shiro finalises his plan and decides to destroy the slate. Anna decides she will follow that plan and also arranges a meet up with Munakata. Due to the slate power system that is ingrained into society, Munakata feels strongly about keeping it under control and regulating its powers even if he’s in no condition to do that. Also, since losing his influence with the government he doesn’t feel capable of helping Shiro or Anna and leaves the alliance.

Shiro creates the Silver clan symbol and Kuro gives the clan a name, Hakumaitou. At Jungle’s base, Hisui releases the power of the slate making their location known.


And the next move is established, Shiro’s going with the ‘if I can’t have it, no one can’ mentality. This is probably for the best if they can’t find a way to best Hisui and Iwa, it’s always much easier to kill/destroy something than to take it alive. Anna is surprisingly cooperative of the plan as it means taking away her ‘red’. But she understands that if it’s to protect everyone she will comply.

The silver clan has finally been christened, although I’m unsure if Kuro was taking it seriously or not. But that doesn’t matter, the important thing is, they can now be called something else than just the silver clan.

The flashback here was a continuation of episode one’s flashback, back to the good old days where the reds and blues fought for petty things but enjoyed every moment of it. One of the better fights in terms of animation too, even if it was a flashback. Which I guess says a lot about how this season’s been going. Oh well, I have one more hope left, the final showdown to destroy the slate, surely we will have a battle for the ages?

One thing I’ve been wondering is that, with all these people developing powers left and right, what kind of power levels do they have? Of course control wise they won’t be as good as the kings and clansman, but I’m assuming they’ll be weaker anyway than normal clansman in terms of raw power? I.e. no one will suddenly develop king level powers overnight from exposure to the slate.

Another thing I think everyone wants to know is the significance of Neko’s past before everything is said and done. It does feel like this will be a huge factor in the upcoming battle, either that, or it’s something that will affect the slate.

Otherwise, this was very much another set up episode for the final confrontation. It has to be said one of the better ones as well. Sure it was half a flashback episode, but it was a good flashback and the conversation between Anna and Munakata was actually quite an interesting dynamic given previous interactions between the two and also between the two clans.

I’m going to give the fights another chance and will be eagerly await the last battle. I hope it will be a good one, but if honest, as long as the episode overall is good I won’t be that concerned with one aspect of the series, even if it’s the aspect that many expected to be one of the series’ focal points.