The slate’s power is released giving normal people a myriad of powers. The level of power that people can reach will be similar to the current kings. Because of this, the world will fall into chaos and confusion so a new world can begin.

Chaos breaks out in the world and order disintegrates. Hisui prepares for the final fight and sets up guards around Jungle’s base. Since he is now connected to the slate, there is no limit on his power. So he sends Iwa out to defend whilst he stays to guard the slate himself.

Munakata marches with Zenjo towards Jungle whilst Fushimi, who was acting as a double agent, opens the door to the base for them. But what greets Munakata is Iwa coming for round two as the gold king’s airship crashes into the ground dispersing Iwa’s fog.


The Fushimi being a double agent thing doesn’t surprise me as I had mentioned the possibility and it seemed strange that he would stay. It was pretty much confirmed when he regarded Hisui’s plan with disgust. Still though, one must wonder if this was all an elaborate plan set up by Munakata and Fushimi immediately after their loss, or if it really was just Fushimi’s intention to betray green almost immediately after joining them and Munakata saw through this.

Both of which are plausible, given Fushimi’s betrayal nature it’s not unlike him to betray his third clan, even if it was so quick seeing as he doesn’t support their plan. And of course being a very intelligent and meticulous character he could also well have thought up a backup plan for when they lose and that is to infiltrate them.

With Shiro’s plan to destroy the slate, I’m assuming crashing the airship into green’s base is for that purpose? And dispersing Iwa’s fog was just a mutually beneficial coincidence.

Also, now that Kukuri has managed to get a bunch of students ‘under control’ I’m wondering if they can make something of that i.e. raise an army of some sort to combat the chaos around them. That’d be something fun, although I don’t think that’ll be the focus of the next episode.

From a set up episode last week, to another set up episode this week, and to think I thought they’d go into the final battle this episode and cut it off at a cliffhanger. Should’ve expected them to slow back down again and drag it out for everything to clear up in another episode. Oh well, that’s fine, part of my final judgment on the series will be its, hopefully, climatic finish, so whilst I’m not holding my breath, I still expect a good quality strong finish to the series.