There was a soulless creator called Demiurge and he took hold of an egg and a foreshadowing fight finishes in the background.

On a normal sunny highschool day, Taichi is woken by Hikari before he rushes to school for morning football practice. Taichi later tries to invite everyone to his football match, whilst Yamato tries to invite people to his concert. Koushiro and Takeru have other things to do, Mimi’s in America and Joe’s studying for exams. Sora’s the only one who can make it but is annoyed at having to decide which one to go to.

Elsewhere in the city, a Kuwagamon materializes and electronics around the city shut off as it appears at Taichi’s football game. He quickly gives chase as Kuwagamon moves through the city causing destruction before it stops and attacks Taichi. He tries to lure it away from populated areas but is powerless to fight. Agumon appears to help, digivolving to Greymon and engages Kuwagamon in battle. Both of them disappear into another portal and are taken to the city’s airport. Taichi is swiftly picked up by his teacher, who looks to know about Digimon, and drives him to the airport.

Greymon loses to Kuwagamon and dedigivolves as two more appear. However, everyone else has arrive with their digimon, the only ones missing are Joe and Mimi. In a string of digivolutions, Garurumon, Birdramon, Kabuterimon, Angemon and Gatomon jump in to help. Two of the Kuwagamon are taken down, but Garurumon loses against the third. Luckily a hand appears out of a portal and crushes it.

Mimi arrives after the fight’s over but Joe doesn’t show up at all, so Gomamon heads to his apartment to find him as everyone else return home with their old friends.

Taichi’s teacher doesn’t show up at school the next day and Mimi transfers as a first year in the same class as Koushiro, along with another student, Meiko Mochizuki, who transfers in at second year. After school, they gather together to figure out everything. But it just results in a fight between Yamato and Taichi over people’s feelings about digimon. Also, Joe apparently has a girlfriend.

Taichi and Yamato eventually find their teacher, who is actually from the government. He tells them about the recent distortions between the real and digital world. Which have meant that more powerful ‘infected’ digimon have come through and that’s why they need the digidestined. It was Gennai who had originally given the government this information.

They hold another meeting at Koushiro’s apartment to discuss everything they’ve learnt so far, Joe and Matt couldn’t make it. Koushiro’s created a virtual cyberspace where the digimon can escape to and everyone can communicate with them at any time as long as they have a monitor and internet access.

They then meet again on the weekend, and Kourshiro hands Taichi new goggles he’s designed that can see data flow, as the digimon are appearing where there is excess data. They meet Meiko who is lost and searching for something. Meiko leaves them later whilst Taichi keeps an eye out for areas of excess data. Taichi eventually spots an unusual area and everyone rushes there.

Alphamon appears from a portal where Meiko finds what she was looking for, a digimon. Alphamon turns on them and attacks. Yamato convinces Taichi to fight and they combine their powers to form Omegamon/Omnimon. The battle ends in a victory for Omegamon, but before he could finish Alphamon, he disappears back into the portal. Meiko thanks everyone for saving her and shows them her digivice and her partner digimon Meicoomon.


I can’t even remember how long it’s been since I saw the end of Digimon Adventure 2 in dub, but many years later, I never expected myself to lay my eyes on those digidestined again. Yet here I am swallowed by a sea of nostalgia that may have resulted in some bias in my review but I think I’ve kept it relatively objective.

I’ve waited a year since the announcement of this second sequel, and for me personally I’d say it was worth it just for the nostalgia. Some others may think differently, but you can’t escape what you grew up with. I still remember the days when I was in the playground in year five, i.e. 9/10 years old, and was arguing for Digimon, which at that time was considered a ‘copy’ of Pokemon, and a worse one at that. I sound old now, but I remember it like it was yesterday that a friend of mine said to me ‘Digimon can go back to their older forms and Pokemon can’t, that makes them better’. I actually agreed with him, at the time I enjoyed Digimon more than I did Pokemon. Obviously as the time goes by and the Pokemon steamroller shows no sign of slowing my ‘allegiance’, if you will, changed to Pokemon. Still though, that doesn’t mean I stopped liking Digimon. In fact I continued watching the series, only in dub, and have also seen Xros Wars/Fusion, still waiting for the third season to be dubbed.

Anyway, as I’m drowning in nostalgia, I will say that this series is quite clearly made for the old fans like me. It’s hard to think of what any newcomer would say when they see this, but one thing is, if you don’t already understand the relationships between everyone, you’re missing out on a lot. And of course, the art style and the story told is very much more mature than any other Digimon series I’ve seen, Fusion, Tamers (as dark as it is) and Frontier can’t compare, Data Squad maybe.

Right, now to be a little more objective, nothing that much happened in this episode. It was sorta a reintroduction to all the characters by letting everyone get on with their normal lives. Which I’m not against, as much as I remember them, it’s still good to see them doing their own thing for a little bit. But after that, everyone reunites against this new threat and we’re also given a showcase fight between Alphamon, who I can only imagine to be one of the bigger villains of this series and the digidestined’s strongest Digimon Omegamon/Omnimon.

Also, as much as a lot of the cast remained similar to what I remember, some don’t. Namely Joe, who apparently has a girlfriend. I’ll say this, ‘pics or it didn’t happen’. Some things of course don’t change, the Yamato/Matt and Taichi/Tai bickering is still the same as ever. And Izzy zoning out completely during the Yamato and Taichi argument was also fairly normal, he only stopped when Joe mentioned he had a girlfriend, which is of course the most surprising news.

The other change is reaching adolescence, at least for Taichi. As my friend put it, ‘there’s so much teenage angst’. He is at that age right now so it’d be strange if he didn’t go through this. It’s quite different to when he was younger where perhaps he didn’t consider too much and just went with his gut feeling to do what’s right. But now, seeing all that destruction, he’s hesitating and doesn’t want to harm more people. However, I think he needs consider everything a little more logically. Sure he doesn’t want to cause more destruction, but if he does nothing, everything is destroyed and he’ll feel useless for doing nothing. You fight for peace, not for destruction. This premise has been explored many a time though unsurprising considering the usual protagonists for anime are high school kids, so I won’t say more.

The new Digidestined is probably going to be one of the focal points for this series. Whilst she didn’t get much screentime, partially because they’re still getting back the original together, I’m sure her and Meicoomon will be in the centre of attention soon. Including that other unknown Digimon that disappeared when Alphamon appeared.

The other interesting point was what happened to the Adventure 02 characters. The foreshadowing in the episode would imply there was a huge battle and apart from Hikari and TK, the others were defeated with their condition and whereabouts unknown. As it’s a continuation of Adventure, I was hoping to see them as well, so I’m expecting to see them soon, or at least know of their whereabouts.

A pretty good first entry in the series, character reintroductions, nothing too heavy, one big fight and introduction of what looks to be an important new character in Meiko. The next movie isn’t until March, and depending on what happens in that movie, I may decide to blog it in parts rather than one big blog. This one was okay as it was very relaxed.