Knuckle Bump


Turns out that Fushimi was ordered by Munakata to join the greens if the original plan failed to protect the slate, Fushimi agreed despite the risks.

In the sky on the airship, the reds and whites confirm their strategy to take out the greens and crash the ship into their base.

Munakata fight a losing battle against Iwa as he raises his fog again, but the entirety of the blue clan comes to aid him and he surges through Iwa’s shots to severely injure him.

At green’s base, the reds clear the floors for Shiro and group to advance to the bottom whilst Yata rushes ahead to rescue Fushimi. In a combined effort, they take out Sukuna and Yata heads back out to clear his floor of greens.

Shiro and group reach the last floor to find Yukari guarding. Kuro requests to take this fight 1v1.


I find it ironic that Yata, i.e. crow, is using a pole, whilst Saruhiko, i.e. monkey, is using daggers. If they were following the Chinese legend of Sun Wukong, the monkey should’ve wielded the pole, and a crow wielding daggers sounds consistent as well, e.g. like sharp feathers, either way you get my point.

So they didn’t keep Fushimi’s plan secret for very long to us, there were only two outcomes of why he’d betray the green, and unsurprisingly the more intellectually planned one was what happened. A dangerous plan if found out, but quite rightly as Misaki said this proves how much dedication he has to his current king. He didn’t betray anyone previously, he was just searching for the right person to serve. In Romance of the Three Kingdoms, all the best strategists say that they all wish to find a worthy lord to serve, and I guess here it’s the same here.

Also, I find it odd that whilst Munakata can’t win 1v1 against Iwa, he’s managed to turn the tables this time purely because his clansmen are with him. If he gained power from his clansmen that’d be a different story, but I’m pretty sure all they did was block a single bullet whilst he then charged at Iwa. Maybe everyone being there gave him strength? Still seems a little farfetched to me, considering Iwa was carrying Hisui last time and still beat him. But that’s fine, I can deal with the power up through comradery.

Sukuna losing to Fushimi and Yata is more believable as for once they’re working together rather than constantly arguing against each other. Just shows that two is ultimately better than one and it was a good display of friendship for Yata to set Fushimi’s unsettled mind at ease regarding his ‘traitorous’ tendencies. As I said earlier, he was just searching for the right lord to serve.

Whilst not the battle I had envisaged, it was an improvement on previous episodes and there were some good battle fantasy performances utilising its excellent animation skills. I’m still not holding my breath for anything spectacularly mindblowing in the battle against Hisui, however this episode gave me a little more hope. I however am looking forward to the 1v1 of Yukari vs Kuro, this should be the final battle between them you would think, so I expect a display of the best swordsplay this series. I can hope anyway… Onto the finale then!