Shiro and Neko break through all defences and reach the slate with Hisui guarding. Hisui tells them the truth behind Ameno Miyabi, i.e. Neko. During the Damocles down of Genji Kagutsu, she and Hisui gained powers. It costed Hisui his ‘life’ and it costed Ameno Miyabi her memory so that she would live on as a cat.

But she doesn’t care about powers and she doesn’t believe humans need it either. What she and Shiro wants is a nice meal with friends to eat with.

Shiro and Hisui activate their powers giving Anna the signal to activate hers. She amasses all of the red clan’s power and blasts a whole through the ground with a direct view of the slate. As according to plan, now all they need is a Damocles down to pierce through it.

Kuro finally surpasses Yukari and defeats him to rush towards Shiro.

Shiro forces his own power levels to exceed what they should resulting in his own Damocles down. Hisui isn’t able to kill Shiro as both Neko and Kuro hold him off and his sword stabs into the slate eliminating both.

Iwa disappears and makes his final appearance to tell Shiro and group to get out as he’s destroying their base.

With Shiro’s powers of eternity gone, he’s unable to stay in his borrowed body anymore and returns it to its rightful owner.

In the epilogue, Neko transfers to Ashinaka High School and the original Adolf K Weismann in his old body gets a job there as a teacher. Kuro stays at home and cooks and they live as one happy family.


One thing I think we can safely conclude is that although Shiro has the power of immortality, he has no fighting ability whatsoever. Otherwise Neko wouldn’t have needed to fight surely. Kinda disappointing, I was hoping to see him unleash his powers in a ‘big’ way against Hisui, but I guess I should’ve known.

Another disappointment was the truth behind Ameno Miyabi. As you know I had previously thought it would be some really important fact from the past that would be a key focal point of the end of the series. But it wasn’t anything like that, it was like a passing thought that she was in the same position as Hisui and should be thankful to the slate’s power, which isn’t even a good argument.

Disappointments aside though, I was actually quite satisfied with the 1v1 duel between Yukari and Kuro. The animation and camera movements were on point as always and showed us what made this series good and it didn’t feel as farfetched as Munakata’s battle due to Kuro’s continuous character development and gain in confidence, enough so that he could finally fight with and protect his king against the strongest opponent they’ve faced. It was a shame that the duel was quite short, I felt like they could’ve extended it a little more. But then they probably wouldn’t have had time for everything else to wrap up.

I am quite pleased with Shiro’s plan that the anime didn’t spring a Dues ex Machina. The method was something we’re familiar with and nothing contrived. Simple is best as they say and I’m glad it is the case here because everything makes sense and it doesn’t need some massive explanation that could confuse things and cause unwanted frustration.

The final moral of the story is also quite simple, i.e. all they want is a group of friends and a nice meal, to lead a simple life. It’s a fairly normal outlook on life, but life is just that simple in the end. Sure there are people who have lofty ambitions, though when it comes down to it, I’d say most people just want somewhere to sit around a table and have a nice meal with family and/or friends.

With the slate gone and everyone’s powers slowly fade, Munakata is saved and Shiro can’t sustain his powers to stay in his borrowed body. It was good to see Shiro back in his old body, must’ve felt weird at the start to return though, but nonetheless, he’s alive. Still, whilst I can’t remember how old Shiro is, I thought he was much older than what he looks like i.e. I thought he was elderly age, or was it that due to when he had his powers of immortality his body stopped aging?

No matter, whilst there were pictures of the epilogue I really wanted to see more scenes of how everyone handled a world without powers. It’s quite different, once you get used to something, to have it completely disappear. It would’ve been interesting to have devoted a few more minutes to short scenes of all the main characters’ life after slate.

It was a happily ever after ending and it doesn’t look like there’ll be anymore K with that. It was an enjoyable ride that seemed to have promised a lot of well animated battle fantasy but was a little short on the delivery. Some definite pacing problems here and there and some minor plot details that weren’t as I had expected. Otherwise, the animation was always splendid to watch, the battles, when they occur, were always a spectacle and the dynamic between the characters and clans was a fun one. Still a solid series, though perhaps not one I’d recommend to everyone.