Happy new year! Hope everyone had a good break over the holiday season. I know I did, even though it was still fairly busy now and then I managed to get plenty of sleep, lots of food, more than enough to drink and lots of gaming.

Not my usual games though as my PS4 and PC are not with me, so I’ve made do with an old game I hadn’t played much of, which reminded me how good of an opening theme it had. Not quite a new year themed song, but still a good one. Here is, the opening theme for Tales of Graces F, Mamoritai: White Wishes by BoA.

I’ve linked both the Japanese and English, Japanese first because the English is not the easiest to understand. Sure BoA’s definitely more proficient in English than many other Jpop artists but still not the best. Either way, I can’t fault her songs seeing as I have bought her albums before.

Oh and if you’re wondering about the connection with anime as this is a game theme, then you probably don’t know much about the Tales series of games as they have both anime cutscenes and anime series/OVAs based of them. Not Tales of Graces F, but it’s part of the Tale series and that’s enough connection for me.