So, I got back into Pokemon Omega Ruby recently, and finished it finally. This made me nostalgic, because Hoenn’s easily the best region as far as the games go, and the remakes don’t disappoint or sully the originals in any way.

Unfortunately, I’m not a fan of most of the Advanced Generation Japanese themes. So, here’s this instead, from the Johto era.

I do like it when Rica Matsumoto sings a Pokemon theme though. And this is no exception. The last Pokemon theme I did was also a Matsumoto-sung song (the good opening to the Battle Frontier arc), so it should be unsurprising my next Pokemon theme is also a Matsumoto-sung song.

Johto was a good series too. Or maybe that’s the rose-tinted glasses talking.


Opening Edit


Full Version


And to those wondering, my Omega Ruby-completing team is as follows:

Shedinja, Magnezone, (Mega) Sceptile, (Mega) Camerupt, Crobat and Milotic, all currently around the lv 80 region.