Summer Festival Time


With their vacation quickly approaching its end, Koro decides to set up a test of courage for the students with the ulterior motive of being a matchmaker by doing the cliché scaring unsuspecting couples.

Koro isn’t successful but everyone joins him afterwards when they see that Irina looks to want to get closer to Karasuma and decide to hook those two together for their final ‘operation’ on the island. They set up a candlelit dinner by the beach looking over the sunset. But unfortunately Karasuma is too focused on the assassination to notice Irina’s advances, and it doesn’t help that he’s extremely dense.

Elsewhere in the world, Lovro is shot down whilst on a mission.

Karasuma report to his superiors on the unsuccessful group assassination attempt on the island, and they increase the bounty of a group assassination from 10bil to 30bil yen.

Meanwhile, all of class 3-E enjoy a nice little summer festival together.


Continuing on from last season we begin the new season right after all the events on the vacation island where we have a bit of a lull in the action as the students and Koro included finally enjoy some of their free time.

Unsurprisingly, not much goes on this episode, I always find first episodes of second seasons a bit of a slow reintroduction back into the series, especially if it’s been a long while since the first season. Less so if it’s continuing straight on from the prior anime season e.g. Shirayuki. So I’m not too concerned that the series has kicked off to a slow but relaxing and comical start.

Still, it did what a reintroduction should do and give us a quick reminder of everyone and their unique characteristics. And also showed us some potentially interesting and expected pairings going forwards. Especially as it made Irina a more stand out character this episode considering one of my complaints towards the end of last season was that they’ve made Irina into a fanservice character and nothing more.

The only interesting part in the episode regarding the plot would be Lovro. He went down to what looks to be a more dangerous threat that will inevitably attempt to pounce on the now increased bounty on Koro’s head.

It’s as you would expect from an opening episode to a second season, only a small sign of a plot ahead so not much to work from. But enjoyably comical nonetheless and still a good reintroduction plus some romance involved which is always welcome for me. So, I can only assume that the actual plot will kick off once they arrive back at school and I’m very intrigued by Lovro’s assailant.