I’m going to continue on the theme of anime related game music from my SOTW two weeks ago and bring you another game opening theme. I’m back on Blazblue, I left my PS3 at home and only have my PS4 with me otherwise I’d be on Chronophantasma first, but since I only have PS4, I instead bought myself Chronophantasma Extend and have been mashing my controller away trying to learn a new character. I change character every game because I find it much easier to learn a new character than to change the way you played an old character. In CT I mained Rachel, switched to Hazama in CS and now in CP I’m going Izayoi.

So you might’ve guessed which game OP I’m blogging this time and here it is, Blue Desire by Faylan.

Annoyingly I can only find the short version they used for the opening sequence of the game, but I’ll update if and when I manage to find a full version as well.