Kaede Time


As there are a lot of eggs being wasted in the country, a new plan is formed by Kayano to assassinate Koro. Make a huge pudding that’s bigger than Koro and watch him dive into the pudding and blow him up using the anti Koro bombs planted in there.

But unfortunately Koro is able to detect the odor of plastic explosives and disarms the bomb before he gets to it by going underground.

Only a few days into term, they discover something despicable about Koro as it looks like he might be the one behind a recent string of crimes where someone yellow has been sneaking peeks at woman, who have certain bra sizes, changing. He tries to prove his innocence but more and more incriminating evidence show up.

Karma finds it strange that someone as fast as Koro would leave any evidence behind. And also, for someone who’s teaching credentials are so important, it also seems odd that he would actually do something like this. The students deduce it has to be an imposter and so decide to stake out the place where the imposter will likely appear next.

Koro does his own stake out and jumps on the imposter as soon as he arrives but is then trapped into a cage and is challenged by Itona.


We are back to class and return to the various random comical plots to kill Koro. The main one this episode involves a giant pudding bomb. Which I found both hilarious and unconvincing as a weapon. Unsurprisingly the episodes have reverted back somewhat to those type of comical episodes that you know nothing much will happen but still attempts to continue on with the plot like the beginning of last season. Typical of most anime I know but I was still hoping they’d move on faster. Hence, the plot doesn’t really continue this episode, we do enjoy some class teamwork on the pudding.

Other parts of the episode such as the training with Karasuma felt like filler material, it added nothing, and I’ll be honest, I’d even say that the pudding was filler material. Though I got a few good laughs out of that so I’m a little biased towards it.

Still, the lackadaisical atmosphere doesn’t continue too long as the ever threatening Itona returns and what looks to be a serious fight will ensue. By serious I do mean comically serious as we are quite aware this series isn’t good at taking anything seriously. But, I’m more concerned with what the bigger overall plot of the series will be. I had thought that the plot to lure Koro out by using a fake Koro was the work of this new threat that got Lovro. A little too shoddy from a professional I admit, which is probably why it turned out not to be them.

Another enjoyable and relaxing episode reminiscent of a slice of life, which I’m not against, though of course a bigger fight will result from this. I doubt this will be part of anything bigger in the series, but these fights with Itona are always a good show. And afterwards we might be treated to some bigger plot development.