The Red that Spins Fate


Life as a herbalist continues as Shirayuki has another busy day clearing up at the ‘office’ whilst still learning about herb storage during their semiannual clean. Zen also works hard on his paperwork but finds an excuse to go see Shirayuki when he gets a paper cut.

Mihaya, the person who kidnapped Shirayuki back in early season one, wants to meet with Shirayuki and Zen. Turns out he met with someone else, called Kazuki, who wanted to meet Shirayuki.

Izana calls for Shirayuki and Zen and tells her that she is invited to a ball in Tabarun. Raj invited her because her words inspired him to become a better prince for his country. Izana doesn’t want Raj to be incompetent either and so doesn’t mind Shirayuki giving their neighboring kingdom’s future king some much needed inspiration.

So, she will receive some etiquette training and go to that ball in a fortnight. Zen however adds a condition to his brother, that he will send a trusted attendant to accompany her on this visit.


I’m going into the second season with my expectations pretty high thanks to a great job on the first season, which is always a tough act to follow. It’s a different expectation than I had to assclass because this is much more story telling focused and of course doesn’t have as big a cast to introduce and plus it was more recent so the last season is still fresh in my head. And being only one cour helped me remember more of it as well.

There were a lot of plot points explored this episode with all of them hinting at things that have been mentioned or is at the core of the series. There’s the new boy in town, Kazuki, who refers to Shirayuki as a princess, given that the title of the show points at ‘hime’ it wouldn’t be surprising to find out that she happened to be the lost princess of some faraway kingdom, which of course would cause many complications for Wistaria but would also in turn be helpful in her relationship matters as her social status would be nicely elevated to be on equal terms with Zen.

Whilst on the opposite side we can’t ignore the growing infatuation that Obi has for Shirayuki who is also more suited in status. We all knew that this whole social status thing would become of big importance and with all these plot directions pointing at it, it can’t hide away. And then there’s the actual love rival problem possibly coming from Raj’s invitation.

I can’t judge much from one episode, but I wouldn’t say I was satisfied with it, I’d describe it as more intrigue than anything else. The important thing is that I’m not disappointed and I’m very much looking forward to Shirayuki wade ahead through a sea of trials and tribulations. Though the thing is, as much as Zen likes her, maybe it’s just me, but she doesn’t appear to be responding in kind as you would think with how it ended last season. Though that’s probably because he’s doing all the big obvious things to show his affection which overshadows the little things that Shirayuki is doing, and hey, the road is long and hard, so I’m sure everything will heat up very soon.