Well, this was late. Its lateness has partly to do with “I was busy”, and partly to do with “I don’t know what the hell I can choose for SOTW”.

Then I thought “Hey, I really liked Digimon Frontier’s opening, even if the series was ‘meh'”, and here we are.

I’m still undecided whether Frontier was good or not. Digidestined become Digimon via shenanigans? Nice. Some of the designs of those Digimon? Meh. Each protagonist gets a Human-type and Beast-type evolution? Nice. Only the two main protagonists get any evolutions past these? Meh.

Whilst the idea was great, and some of the villains were awesome, I feel that they kind of forgot that some protagonists existed, maybe? And then Susanoomon occurred at the end to remedy this.

Anyway, the opening theme was by Digimon mainstay Kouji Wada, so it had that going for it.


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