Itona Horibe Time


Itona launches his surprise attack after containing Koro in anti-Koro cloths, but is unable to land a hit as Koro’s learnt all of his attack patterns.

After yet another failure Shiro leaves Itona to run wild as the tentacle cells in his body has started eating away at his human cells. Shiro gives him about three days before his tentacle cells take over and he is driven to insanity.

Koro goes after Itona but is ambushed by Shiro who snatches Itona away and dares Koro to rescue him. Koro chases them down without hesitation and whilst all of Shiro’s team is distracted by Koro, the rest of the students sneak around and take everyone out. Shiro has no choice and leaves Itona to Koro.

After some research the class finds out a bit of Itona’s past, his parents were the head of a small smartphone company that went bankrupt. Both of them disappeared leaving Itona to fend for himself.

Hazama, Terasaka, Yoshida and Muramatsu try to cheer Itona up and with some inspirational talk from the unlikely Terasaka, Itona calms down enough that Koro can remove his tentacle cells.

Itona willingly joins up with 3-E and integrates nicely into Terasaka’s group.


Whilst I never thought this anime does its serious plotlines well, last season’s Takaoka arc proved that it can be good, and this short one to bring Itona into the class wasn’t bad either. There were various interjections of comedy to break up the scenes, but when it came down to it, the series knew when to back off and let the story play out.

The action scenes weren’t particularly interesting, but I understand that this was much more focused on Itona’s character development. Which is probably why the fight was over very quickly and we start delving into Itona and his reasons for even getting involved in all of this. Even Shiro’s whole strategy for this assassination attempt was a bit bland and predictable, it’s obvious that they didn’t put any effort into the action side of things here.

Still, the character development for Itona, I felt at least, was really well done. It was easy enough to relate him to the class and even nicely slot in with Terasaka’s gang. It was also a simple attachment for us to explore, I’m always a big fan of simple plotlines, it’s much harder to keep all of the moving gears in check when things get too complicated.

The important thing was that it was believable and sincere. It teaches a good life lesson, no matter how bad something gets, you can always turn it around. This is also one of the few times we’ve really had a good look at Terasaka’s gang as well. Their change is also something that’s very noticeable, from delinquents to now having a potentially bright future. And it’s very likely that Itona will undergo similar changes.

The only thing I have minor reservations about is that every time a character integrates into the class they take more of a backseat role and is half forgotten, e.g. Irina. Without his tentacle power it’s hard to think what role Itona will have in future assassination attempts as that was his ‘special ability’.

Also, I’m not quite sure what everyone’s problem is with Shiro using any means possible to kill Koro. In fact, I believe that playing dirty is probably one of the few ways that will lower Koro’s guard enough for a way in. All’s fair in love and war and tentacle monster assassinations. It feels that after all this time, the children are still extremely naive about this whole assassination. I feel it will be to their detriment to ‘do the right thing’ especially when you’re talking about killing the most powerful being on the planet, but I’m going to assume that the anime will have different plans.