Indecision Cause by Confusion


Eugena and Rona, Raj’s siblings are interested in Shirayuki knowing that she was the person to have changed Raj.

Raj engages in an awkward chat over tea with Shirayuki, so he decides to show her around the castle. When half the castle seem to be following them, he changes route and heads down an underground passageway. Though Raj becomes lost and is also unaware that they are being tailed by Eugena and Rona.

Meanwhile in Clarines, there are no updates on Kazuki yet. Zen decides to see Kihal, who’s come for a visit and Mitsuhide bumps into Izana who makes clear that he is testing Zen and Shirayuki.

Back underground, Obi senses Eugena and Rona and fetches them both, and Eugena is more than happy to show them the way out. It’s also quite clear that since meeting Shirayuki again in Clarines, people have seen huge improvements in Raj.

In Clarines, Kazuki’s been sighted, but Mihaya has disappeared. He’s chased down Kazuki to try and capture him but appears to have been convinced to work together with him instead.


Quite obviously they’re trying to push Raj to be much more than a sideline character, even introducing two new ‘cheerleaders’, of sort, into the mix as siblings. It’s an interesting watch with Raj struggling with his own feelings and is then constantly being pushed by his assistant. The unfortunate thing is though, whilst Raj obviously likes Shirayuki, I think he himself feels that he won’t be able to give her happiness even if the two are together. Moreover, I feel he’s more trying to mend what started as a really bad relationship between the two of them. That’s the feeling I’m getting from his awkwardness.

I think it’s a shame how trust is so hard to win back. Of course, Raj never seemed like a guy that Shirayuki could really stay with even if their relationship started off much better. He’s the stark contrast of Zen, he doesn’t feel like someone responsible and mostly he isn’t as confident with himself. He feels like someone who’s been spoon fed all his life and actually doesn’t really know how to deal with a lot of situations and also doesn’t know what he wants. At least he definitely knows he wants her to stay, just that he can’t do anything to make it more comfortable for either of them.

I somehow feel that Raj is put there to be that contrast to the knight in shining armor, Zen. We all need comparisons, and this is not a bad one being of similar social status and ‘occupation’. It’s just that one is clearly better than the other. Then there’s Obi, a love interest in a separate area.

However, the episode’s not all about Raj’s inner conflict. There are other plot movements with the reappearance of Kazuki and the teaming up with Mihaya. I get the feeling that something big is coming, and from all this princess talk I’m expecting a third kingdom to step into the mix, and that’d be big enough for me. Will it be romance of the three kingdoms…?