Me? So late on an SOTW? Did something go wrong? Yes indeed it did. I was meant to return home last Sunday morning, unfortunately I only just arrived back earlier today. Long story short, I fell ill from a chest infection and had a high fever for three straight days before it started getting better. As much as I hate giving myself excuses, this one’s at least a reasonable one.

Either way, I had an SOTW in mind before I was ill, when I was enjoying my holiday at Karaoke, because that’s the place to be when you’re in any eastern-asian country. I’ve actually mentioned this before all the way back in SOTW 4, when I blogged Summer Song by Yui, that this is one of the few Japanese songs I’ve memorised and so can sing at Karaoke even with being unable to read the Japanese lyrics. So I think it’s a great song to bring to my SOTW list. Here’s a fairly old song, the fifth, I believe, OP of BLEACH, Rolling Star by Yui.