The Name of that Step is Change


Kazuki knows that Shirayuki is at Tanbarun and it turns out Mihaya actually refused to work with Kazuki and jumped ship to escape.

Raj’s started learning about state affairs, to the shock of the entire castle. As things get friendlier with Shirayuki, his assistant and siblings are trying to encourage their relationship to move forwards. Though things tend to get more awkward. Through that Rona deduces Obi likes Shirayuki as well.

Raj asks Shirayuki after the forthcoming ball and as soon as he hears that Shirayuki couldn’t dance before, he instantly breaks out his violin to demonstrate a slow tune that he thinks she could dance to.

On the evening of the dance, a large group approach Tanbarun by sea. And on land, Zen rushes towards Tanbarun after convincing Izana to let him go, or rather just taking no for an answer.

Meanwhile, a letter arrives from Zen to Obi that there will be trouble at the ball and at that moment, an outsider appears on the balcony of Shirayuki’s room.


The romance is building slowly and a good relationship is developing. Unfortunately we are rudely interrupted by what I’m assuming is going to be the main arc of this season. About time too, this wishy-washy Raj was starting to annoy me a little. Though I do find his desire to wanting to impress Shirayuki and show her how good of a prince he is kinda cute.

Anyways, as expected the antagonists of this season have made their way to Tanbarun and look to crash the party. Similarly Zen is rushing there too, so as much as the party is gonna be crashed, we’ll be starting a new party.

Oh also, the growing frustrations in Obi is also making for uncomfortable viewing, although that might be just me as I’m a little torn between Obi and Zen. Which may sound surprising, but Obi is a good fit in a lot of ways, even Rona sees that. Still, he seems content just being by her side right now, but I’m sure sooner or later he’ll challenge Zen again in some way shape or form. At least that’s how it feels like.

Speaking of Zen, I don’t think we can be any clearer of his intentions. The declaration and the willingness to risk everything for her is the biggest show of affection we’ve seen from him so far. Sure it doesn’t seem like a big deal, in fact it feels natural. But to downright refuse to obey Izana is huge.

The only thing now is to see how the new plot develops and I’m waiting eagerly to see what this third party is firstly capable of, and secondly what they’re after, apart from Shirayuki herself. Or rather I guess why they’re after her, and what’s this princess stuff about.