Leader Time


Our story revolves around Isogai and his part time job, and also how he’s such an ‘Ikemen’. Whilst class E knows and turn a blind eye to this defiance of school rules, Asano finds out as well and isn’t so kind. He’ll let it slide only if class E beats Class A at pole toppling at the sports festival.

Due to assassination training, all of class E are in tip top condition for the sports festival. But for the main event of the pole toppling battle they have an overwhelming disadvantage as class A uses the school’s strongest foreign students as well.

The battle starts off bad as two of class E are knocked out. An offensive class E group are then surrounded by the enemy. However, they lead class A on a merry chase and turn back to attack whilst the two who were knocked out at the start move in as well as they had feigned it all. But the last boss, Asano, who’s guarding their pole is hard to beat. However with only Asano able to give orders and he’s tied up with all of class E, they win because Asano can’t do anything else.

Asano then receives some harsh words from his father but does keep Isogai’s secret.


Some more fun episodic stories. I was half hoping it’d reach a bigger arc by now, but that’s fine, this episode was still a good laugh. The more interesting part for me was the final interaction between Asano and father. There’s always been a rift of competitiveness between the two of them, and previously I felt it was all ‘good natured’ or as good natured as those two can get. But from the brutality of teaching his kid a lesson, this time, I felt the rift just got bigger.

After turning one of their long term enemy Itona around, I want to think that they can turn Asano around as well. And from what I see, the anime could be moving in that exact direction. He knows what his father’s like and I think eventually he’ll turn against him.

Still though, as much as I liked this episode, it was fairly standard as far as assclass episodes go. Some good comedy, some good displays of class E’s fighting spirit and of course the wacky strategies in the David vs Goliath match ups that this anime loves so much. I did find the final deciding factor of Asano’s men being completely unable to move without orders a little forced, but otherwise it was well done.

Then there’s the cringe worthy attempts at passing off as foreign English that was a pain to watch. Though I have to say, it wasn’t that bad.

I do like the focus on Isogai again, one of the hard working members of the class who’s just trying to make ends meet, yet doing it with a lot of enthusiasm and charisma. It is admirable to see. We need people like that in this world, then it’d be a much nicer place, there’s too much negativity around right now.

By the looks of it the series may have settled into episodic stories for maybe the next few episodes. Still, if it turns out to be like this one, then it’s not so bad. With all the set up for a bigger story in the background, I would still prefer the series to get going onto bigger things though.