Prologue of the Quietly Twisting Night


Kazuki and his attendant Itoya come for Shirayuki. Obi puts up a good fight but is knocked out and Shirayuki is taken away. Raj sends out people to track Kazuki but loses them.

Zen arrives from Clarines and wants to see Obi, but he’d already ran off to chase them himself.

Raj and Zen deduces that the group behind this could be a group of sea bandits know as the Claw of the Sea and plan to look for likely places where they might be.

The king of Tanbarun then seeks an audience with Raj and Zen together. He gives permission for Zen to freely move in Tanbarun to help with the rescue.

Obi manages to locate only Itoya as Kazuki and Shirayuki were kidnapped again by the actual Claw of the Sea. The woman who greets them later is called Umihebi and is more than happy to have some worthwhile cargo.


When Shirayuki said the line about being kidnapped from her kidnappers it felt almost, just almost, like it should’ve belonged in a comedy. The scene when Kazuki appears and all Obi and Shirayuki can do is be amazed at Kazuki’s bishounen-ness also feels quite comical. Apart from that however, the episode did play out fairly tense and with a sense of urgency.

With our antagonists sorta revealing their own personalities, it would appears that Kazuki looks to be the nicer guy. He clearly has some sort of relationship with Shirayuki or knows her in a friendly manner. There’s been so much talk of her being a princess, and how he’d bring her back to where she belongs, it all sounds too familiar to be anything malicious. Even the kidnapping was done with a degree of care such as not knocking her out with force and also unrestrained her in the forest. So again, I’m still left wondering what Shirayuki’s past is and how she ended up having something to do with these guys.

The other antagonists, with the sinisterly cringe name of the Claw of the Sea, seem less than amiable, very much with the intention to sell Shirayuki as a commodity. Although it doesn’t seem like that woman, Umihebi, has much interest in her. If anything she seems more bothered by Kazuki and they also seem related somehow. I’m assuming Kazuki was previously a crew member of some sort but ran off and betrayed them.

I feel bad for Obi, who we can clearly see is under a lot of stress having failed Shirayuki, though through no fault of his own or anyone else’s. But he appears more determined than anyone else to rescue her. That said, Zen’s determined as well, he just can’t act as he pleases because of his position, again, why I feel the Obi x Shirayuki pairing wouldn’t be that bad, though that’s not to say I’m for it.

Also an interesting development is Raj. Whilst you can clearly see the difference between Zen and Raj, it’s hard not to say he’s come leaps and bounds. Even coming up with the willpower himself to accompany Zen on the rescue mission. The person who knows him best, the king, can definitely vouch for his change who also realises that Shirayuki is no ordinary woman.