Before and After Time


The 2nd midterm exams are only two weeks away and Koro have the entire class E on full focus. It also means there’s only 5 months to kill Koro.

During a shortcut on the rooftops to the station, some students from class E injure an elderly man on a bike by accident. They are severely punished due to how they’re a state secret and have gotten too strong for their own good.

So as an apology and to keep everything under wraps, the entirety of class E are offered as two weeks of unpaid work for the school the elderly man was in charge of. Plus because of this they’re not allowed to study for the mid terms.

The elderly man’s school is very run down so the class decide to help it out and construct, out of wood, a second main building on top of the falling apart main one.

But thanks to all their efforts here, it meant that everyone dropped massively in rankings for the mid terms. Everyone apart from Karma who ended second as the only person not to have been affected by the two week studying ban.

New equipment arrive from the government giving the students a much needed boost with time ticking away.


A bunch of kids with the physical ability to jump around on rooftops, I think any kid would do it for fun. As much as they shouldn’t have done I don’t blame them for having a bit of fun with the powers they possess. Surely a lot children would dream to have that kind of ability and show it off, so it’s not surprising. Still, some valuable life lessons were learnt this episode, the whole clichéd ‘with great power comes great responsibility’ thing.

Which is exactly what I thought this episode would be, one full of clichéd, overused tropes about responsibility and power, and then getting over that remorse by doing something good and helping out some troubled others. That is basically what happened, the whole set up of class E with a group of kids was predictable, the most predictable being Sakura under Nagisa’s tutorage.

The thing that was nicely done was that class E didn’t score well in the test. The anime luckily didn’t go deeper into the sea of clichés and still had everyone do well without having studied. Karma managed to do well though, but that’s more retribution and character development for last time than anything else and is more than acceptable. And actually, class E having dropped spectacularly in the mid terms isn’t much of a surprise due to not having studied, it’s also not surprising because they are class E after all.

We’re shown another glimpse of a bigger plot incoming as class E’s frustrations are made clear and there are new equipment. Not the plot I thought they were going to with that short scene of Lovro’s death still hanging around or severely injured. But I don’t think the next big plot is going to be related to that, it looks like everyone is gearing up for another big assassination attempt.