Many Different Resolves


Shirayuki remembers back to before leaving for Tanbarun where Zen promised to take her around town, just the two of them, when she returned.

Shirayuki manages to regain her composure and try to make a getaway with Kazuki. Shirayuki uses her resourcefulness and finds some seeds to burn to smoke out the room so that the guards would open the door, and knock them out. Unfortunately Umihebi was still on board and they’re caught again.

Back in Tanbarun, Raj and Zen prepare to visit Lions of the Mountain, a group who have dealt with the Claw of the Sea before. Though Obi seems to have a lead and left a message behind whilst he meets up with the Lions of the Mountain first.

Zen catches up with Obi eventually and forces Itoya to explain. It seems that Kazuki believed Shirayuki to be of similar background, i.e. someone being used and toyed around with. So he wanted to take her where none of those people can touch her. In the end, their goals are the same and Zen and the Lions decide to work together.

They arrive at a small port town, spot one of the Claw’s ships and confirms Kazuki to be on board.

Kiki comes up with a plan and pretends to be arrested to board onto the ship so that Shirayuki has an ally. Meanwhile, Mihaya tells them of the Claw’s base as he’s had dealings with them before, so they can attack them at their core.


Kiki shows up big this episode, sure it’s seems to be a small act of bravery, but going into the enemy lair with no weapon is a big risk. You don’t know what they might do when you’re tied up and unable to move. Plus it gives one of the sideline characters some spotlight and also one of the few women on the cast.

Good to see Shirayuki return to her old confident and determined self, sure she’s scared at the end, but who wouldn’t be. We’re treated to a cliché ripping clothes up scene which felt forced especially as it didn’t give any more than that she’s ready to go. But hey, she’s already cut off her hair so I guess ripping up clothes is the next best statement to make, plus being able to run better is needed if they were to escape. It’s those that are scared and hide that are useless, Shirayuki still attempts to escape holding in that fear and only letting it out a little when she sees a familiar face.

Thanks to Itoya, we understand and can connect a little more with Kazuki. Seems like he meant no harm after all. Though the explanation didn’t touch on why he called her princess/hime and also what relation Shirayuki has with the Lions.

Though if you hadn’t noticed, the Lion’s leader has dark red hair. This is a hunch, but could this person be Shirayuki’s relative, perhaps her father? Given that she’s called princess by Kazuki, who was also willing to risk his life not to tell anyone about her and the Lions relationship and the leader’s hair colour, which is likely genetic, it could very well be the case. In fact, I don’t actually remember them ever mentioning Shirayuki’s parents before, or it could be my bad memory, but either way, all I remember hearing about are Shirayuki’s grandparents.

Just a couple of small things, I thought the naming sense couldn’t get any worse, but really? Lions of the Mountain? I can’t think of anything more cringe. And on the topic of naming this Umihebi is also slightly cringe, and I feel that she’s a bit much. She’s such a forced cliché villain with her whole purpose being so that we hate her. Not that it’s bad, for this arc the anime needed someone like that, but I feel the execution of the villain could’ve been much better, so far it’s doing everything by the pirate villain book, and she seems to be villainous for villainous sake.

There wasn’t much change from the other characters, Raj still attempting to find his feet in this commotion and Zen is as straightforward and commanding as ever. Obi does calm down after meeting Zen, that says something about him and how much respect he has for Zen.