Round Two Time


With four months left to assassinate Koro and until the graduate, the class receive career counseling forms. Everyone seems to find something that suit them but Nagisa is struggling. He tells Koro that he thinks he has a talent for killing people and should become an assassin. Koro asks him to reconsider.

After getting back home, his mum tells him that she’ll try get him back to the main school and out of class E. He speaks back to her and she flips out. Nagisa’s dad left because of this fighting and his mum is constantly pushing her own ambitions onto him and telling him she wanted a girl.

His mum decides to visit the school the next day to ask class E’s teacher for a transfer. With Karasuma out on business Koro dons a disguise to do the meeting. Koro is clear that Nagisa shouldn’t leave this class unless he wants to, and his mum flips out again.

At dinner, Nagisa is drugged by his mum and taken to the school at night. She plans to burn class E down because of Nagisa’s disobedient attitude. However, an assassin comes to visit at the same time due to Koro usually being around at this time. The assassin scares his mum, but Nagisa uses a trick he learnt from Shinigami and immobilizes him. He promises his mum that he will get the results she wants and also pay back everything she’s spent on him.

Nagisa later decides that he doesn’t want to become an assassin, but do something with his talent that can help people instead.


I guess an anime focused around a class can’t escape the typical career survey plot device. Though that said, I haven’t seen one in highschool anime for a while, but they do only seem to come up in more relaxed highschool atmospheres like slice of life ones. Still though, a typical plot device which goes into a not so typical Nagisa backstory.

Whilst I say not typical, parts of it were predictable like I had thought about the Nagisa thing and how he looks like a girl, and also his upbringing probably wasn’t the happiest. But her mum being mental and nearly becoming an arsonist was unexpected. What would’ve made it more fun and I’d think follows assclass’ style, would’ve been her mum taking out the assassin with her rage. Though I understand that wasn’t needed to get his mum to listen.

Speaking of Nagisa’s mum and the defunct family relationship, I’d like to say that it feels like a lot of traditional Asian families. A lot of the time the child feels like an investment, the ‘love’ is there but doesn’t feel like it is, it’s very results orientated and yeah sure they’re only looking out for their child because they want them to go to a good uni then get a good job and be able to look after themselves etc. But they’re just kids, they don’t understand nor care. They’ll either hate you for it, mature faster and understand or fully focus on work and turn into a robot, it’s a system that works if your environment forces it, but I don’t feel it’s a healthy family life. There’s little freedom and a child can’t be a child, this is half speaking from experience I guess… ‘sigh’. I haven’t had a rant for a while… so I hope you’ll excuse me for this one.

After my rant I’m burnt out and actually don’t have much else to say. It was some good character development and clears up Nagisa’s woes. Also some good backstory for who would appear to be the main character, or at least one of the ‘more’ main characters. Coupled with assclass’ own brand of comedy and I for one found Koro’s disguise pretty damn good.

The notion of Nagisa following the life of a killer feels like it’s been hinted at multiple times so I’m glad we have closure on that. I had felt that it would turn dark at some point with Nagisa’s natural instincts for assassination. But hopefully with figuring things out he’ll settle into a more respectable job that suits his skills. Maybe something like the police force, special forces or bodyguard perhaps.

With only four weeks left I can’t help but feel that there’s only minor signs of urgency with all these character development episodes. I assume they’ll be a big assassination attempt very soon with the countdown to the world’s end coming closer. They could go on with these short plots for a while though as there’re so many characters that could do with fleshing out, but I feel the most important ones are done. If they really want to do another one maybe go Karma, otherwise I feel they should be moving onto the next attempt, either that or something else big should be approaching. At least it feels to me like a typical calm before the storm build up, especially as we’re nearing the end of the season as well.